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Isolate Review
Posted May 20, 2020
By RyanAdams_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Deathbreaker released their debut album, Disconnect, with Facedown Records in 2017. That post-hardcore album fits in with Facedown Records' listeners and hardcore fans. Deathbreaker recently released their latest album, Isolate. A press release about Deathbreaker's latest project says, "their sophomore release brings dissonant, straight-forward aggression to the front of the pack, and proves the grit of this powerful four-piece as they continue to build their hardcore legacy. A new wave of hardcore bands in coming through and Deathbreaker should not be ignored."

What It Sounds Like
The hardcore scene of Facedown Records continues to grow strong. Isolate is an aggressive album filled with gritty, low screams and musical intensity that the hardcore scene is well-known for. It is a remarkable well-produced thanks to Jeremy Schaffeur of the hardcore metal band, Earth Groans, with plenty of easily discernable vocals, which is uncommon for the genre. For fans of their first album, Disconnect, there are a couple of changes in terms of style to note. They transitioned from a post-hardcore sound to a more traditional hardcore sound. There is no more spoken word and the musical aggression builds on itself more consistently throughout the album. 

Spiritual Highlights
There is a substantial amount of spiritual content found throughout the album. As a whole, the album addresses relationship struggles and attacks hypocrisy and betrayal. "Spite" calls out building oneself up rather than God's Kingdom, saying "Now your factions fail and your kingdom burns/Your legacy in ruin, you defame His name." The lyrics in "Blackout" are impactful: "And as your kingdom fails to claim victory/I will watch it burn with all the suffering/Until the end of days and the righteous reign." "Fear" offers encouragement to all who are struggling with fear: "Fear is a liar, and fear can not last/I will not settle for nothing/You are not nothing."

Best Song
"Fear" is my favorite song on the album; it's the song's musical intensity matched by its standout lyrics that won me over. Though there are some heavier musical tracks, such as "The Compass" and "Choke", the message in "Fear" makes me appreciate it more. It's a call to rise above the crippling grip of fear in our lives and to keep pressing onward. 

For Fans Of
Nothing Left, Earth Groans, Norma Jean

Bottom Line
In the chaos of our world, we need a hardcore album like Isolate to help ground us and meet us where we're at. Deathbreaker relentlessly tackles emotions and topics we all face with their raw and passionate music. When it is all said and done, Isolate calls out the worst in us yet strengthens us to push forward with hope. 

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