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Hope in the Hard Times
Posted March 19, 2020
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Ever since I heard Jason Gray's "Blessed Be," from his album, All the Lovely Losers, I was hooked by the emotional and biblical messages of his songs. Last year, Jason released his new EP, Order, the first of three five-song EPs Jason Gray will release over the next year.  The names of each EP are "Order," "Disorder," and "Reorder." Jason plans to tell a story of the process of transformation in three five-song volumes. Order featured the hit songs, "I'm Gonna Let it Go" and "Order Disorder Reorder." Disorder EP was preceded by the hit song, “Remind Me You’re Here,” and releases March 20.
Jason Gray is an anointed songwriter and singer. He has a profound way of piercing my soul with his poignant words, tender singing, and inspirational truths. Like his previous releases, the album's central theme is about finding our identity in Christ, being honest and transparent with ourselves and others to allow God's grace to shine in our lives by demonstrating how in our weakness, His strength is made perfect.

What it Sounds Like:
Gray can really write a hooky and truth-filled chorus and lead single “Remind Me You’re Here” is catchy, relevant and worshipful like his previous hit songs “Remind Me Who I Am” and "Learning." The song is a great confession of faith. “Honesty” features Jason’s tender and powerful vocals and takes listeners on an emotional and spiritual journey like his heart-wrenching song, “Not Right Now.” Every lyric is sung about faith in our God Almighty sprinkled in with Jason’s clever and personal lyrics taking listeners on an emotional journey. If you’ve always liked Jason Gray’s brand of “gourmet” songs, this album will absolutely connect with you.
Spiritual Highlights:
“Fight For You” reminds us, “The Lord will fight for you, You need only to be still, trust that God will fight for you.” Other spiritual highlights include “Through,” “New Song” and “Remind Me You’re Here.” The poignant “Honesty” is a stirring song with a convicting Psalm-like declaration: “I gave You my heart so tell me why is it broken? What do You want from me? Are You sure You want everything, even my honesty?" Like previous Jason Gray albums, these songs are all filled with spiritual truth. The hope of the Gospel is heard loud and clear. “Hard Times Prelude” ties the album’s theme of God’s never-ending faithfulness, grace and hope in the hard times that runs through the album.

Best Song on the Record:
I'm really engaged by the emotional vocals and the deep, prayerful lyrics throughout the album, especially the chorus of “New Song” which features Blanca—“Cause I need a new song, a You’re gonna see me through song, a get me to that shore song.” Those prayerful words capture the hopeful tone for these songs that are filled with the truth of God’s unending grace in our disorder. “Through” is an especially beautiful song. The faith anthem is the cry of my heart, “I can’t keep pretending everything’s okay, I need You to lead me through.” There are several stand-out songs, and my favorite song “Remind Me You’re Here” is a gorgeous offering of praise to the only One who has power to save. It is a very sing-able song, and I love singing the Book of Job-inspired introspective lyrics, “I won't ask You for reasons, 'Cause a reason can't wipe away tears, No, I don't need all the answers, Just be here beside me, Father, remind me You're here.”
For Fans Of:
Brandon Heath, Josh Wilson, Andrew Peterson, Big Daddy Weave, Tenth Avenue North

Final Word: 
With a probing spiritual curiosity and imaginative, self-examining lyrics, this album once again solidifies Gray’s place among the finest song crafters of his day. Gray’s poignant songwriting is coupled with musical excellence as each song urges me to better see God. This album is sure to connect with all listeners who like catchy songs filled with truth and yearning for God. Jason invites you into his life in such an authentic and relatable way, you’ll feel like you are a lifelong friend after you hear this album. Once again, Jason has invited listeners into his story of faith. Each song features his unique brand of lyrical phrasing, embedded with the truth of the Gospel for those "with ears to hear." Jason is one of my favorite Christian music singer-songwriters. His songs are so emotional, vulnerable and authentic. If you like singer-songwriters who wear their hearts on their sleeves and sing about the truth of what it means to walk with God and work out their salvation with fear and trembling, then don't miss out on one of Christian music's most treasured artists. Disorder is sure to be one of my top albums of the year.

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