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Posted March 04, 2020
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Love & the Outcome is made up of husband and wife duo Jodi King and Chris Rademaker. They made an immediate mark on the CCM scene with their debut album, featuring hit songs "He is With Us" and "King of My Heart." That album chronicled their journey of having departed their homeland of Canada and risking it all to pursue their musical dreams. Many of the songs reflect the need to rely completely on God's sovereignty to guide their "outcome."  The duo returned with their sophomore offering These Are the Days, which was preceded by the hit song "The God I Know." You Got This once again showcases not only the band’s gifts as songwriters, but Jodi’s shimmering, emotion-laden voice. She is a great role model for girls. The songs address the pressures of life and express that true happiness and identity only comes from our relationship with God.
What it Sounds Like:
You Got This” is an engaging song with Jodi’s passionate vocals setting the tone for this exceptional album. Several of Love & the Outcome’s songs over the years are accessible pop and worship songs that are deep in meaning and content and this album is no exception. So many people can relate to the messages of these songs. The standout songs also include “Where You Are” and “Moving On.” All these songs and their dependence on God have perfectly poetic biblical descriptions of God and our identity in Him as His sons and daughters.
Spiritual Highlights:
Jodi and Chris have consistently impressed me with their mature faith and sincere desire to serve Jesus. You'll be blessed by the powerful songs which are all stand-out anthems with convicting declarations including: "I don’t know the way, but You got this, Give me the faith, that You got this, even today, You got this, I know that I know that I know that You got this!” The message of “You Got This” is based on several biblical truths, including 2 Timothy 1:7: “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” Whatever struggle or depression you are facing, you can know that God is with you, always. The comfort and rest offered by Jesus is beautifully captured in “Moving On.” Jodi beautifully depicts the message of identity that we all need to hear, “Your second chances never end, I’m moving on, guilt has had its grip on me for way too long.”
Best Song on the Record:
Where You Are” takes me on an emotional journey that causes me to excitedly worship along with the stirring lyrics every time I hear the song. In our society filled with the fear of missing out and comparison being the thief of joy, this anthem is the cry of my heart with the much-needed call to action message for Christians: “I’ve learned the grass ain’t greener on the other side, life’s where You are, it’s right where You are.”You Got This” is another standout anthem, reminding us that “I know it’s true, I can count on You!” The message of “Moving On” in Christ is found in the closing track, which celebrates, “This will be my freedom song, Hallelujah, because of You, I’m moving on!”

For Fans Of:
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Final Word:
I absolutely love this band’s intentionality and complete focus on God's provision in their lives. These songs all have biblically based lyrics that poignantly capture life's simple yet vital messages. I'm really engaged by the emotional vocals and the prayerful lyrics found in these songs. Jodi’s vocals will soothe your soul, and the vertical lyrics will direct your attention and focus on Jesus. There are several personal songs that melt my heart, especially “Falling Into Place,” “Imperfect” and “Moving On.” If you like female singers that make you think while you enjoy their catchy and empowering songs, You Got This is for you. I have three young daughters, and this is a solid upbeat pop album with positive biblical messages.

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