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Awe and Wonder of Jesus
Posted February 20, 2020
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
From my first listen, I was totally captivated by this album, Glorious by Jordan and Jessa Anderson. This album focuses on the central themes of asking God to inhabit our inner being and truly allow the power of the Holy Spirit to sanctify us, along with relying solely on the love of Jesus to mold our hearts and make us more like Him. Previous releases Not Myself Anymore and Whole by Jessa Anderson were both ranked in my top 10 albums of the year. As a couple, their experience over the past 12 years of leading others in song and performing their original music, combined with their time in ministry to the local church, has given them a unique love for church music and encouraging others in the gospel through song.
What it Sounds Like:
Glorious is best described as an intimate personal worship experience with an ethereal tone. If you enjoy All Sons and Daughters, Brian and Jenn Johnson and The McClures, this album is an excellent addition to your praise and worship collection. Many of the songs are arranged in a very sing-able and catchy style. "All That Is Needed" and “Loved As Jesus” are gorgeous and worshipful songs. Jordan and Jessa have a passion to make creative music that inspires the worship of Jesus Christ and to point listeners to Him. The theme of emptying ourselves in order to be filled by the Holy Spirit and celebrating God’s great grace is found in every song.
Spiritual Highlights:
“I Cannot Outrun Your Grace” features an engaging and soothing musical style. The song includes a refrain for the believer looking for words to express their devotion, “You’re always with me, You’ll never leave me.” I’m really engaged by Jordan and Jessa’s emotional vocals and the deep, prayerful lyrics throughout the album. The theme of trusting God completely weaves through all the songs, a message that all believers need to hear. I greatly enjoy the musical vibe of this album and the melodies and lyrics are all catchy and rooted in Scripture. “Glorious” lifts high the name of Jesus with the refrain, “Long for His coming, when all things are made new, rejoice, You are making us glorious.” The creative use of biblical language is a highlight and there are no ambiguous lyrics, which is great for the Church to boldly proclaim praises to Jesus. Jordan and Jessa sing songs with an amazing passion, with unashamed praise and gratitude to our Savior that is very inspiring and emotionally moving. All these songs are poignant and powerful with earnest, worshipful lyrics.
Best Song on the Record:
I can’t get enough of the stand-out song “I Cannot Outrun Your Grace.” The tender, emotive and powerful vocals take listeners on an emotional journey that gives me goose bumps every time I hear the song. The lyrics are very stirring. "All That is Needed" is a great new worship anthem which I hope I'll be singing with fellow believers. I really love how expressive these songs are. These are all stand-out tracks filled with overwhelming biblical truth, and they are companions in my personal prayer and worship time.
For Fans Of:
Elevation Worship, Bethel MusicAmanda CookKristene DiMarcoKim Walker-Smith, Steffany Gretzinger
Final Word: 
Glorious is sure to be one of the top worship albums of the year. These are an excellent set of songs that focus on asking God to truly inhabit our inner being and allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to sanctify us, relying solely on the love of Jesus to mold our hearts and make us more like Him. Each of these songs are about proclaiming dependence on God throughout this incredible worship experience, which stirs my heart, mind and soul to bow before Jesus, our Savior. The album is designed to be listened to in track order as you’ll go on the journey from the opener “I Cannot Outrun Your Grace” to the closer “Only On Grace I Stand.” These moving and reverent recordings are all prayers and personal confessions of submission to God. These are great songs to pray along with these anointed worship leaders and express your own yearnings for holiness and God’s presence. Glorious is about proclaiming the majesty of God and crying out in awe and wonder for His Presence throughout this incredible worship experience. This album is a must-have for your praise and worship collection.

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