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In Love. In Hope. In Peace Review
Posted February 07, 2020
By RyanAdams_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Fight The Fade is an American rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, formed in 2009. They have come to be well-known for their anthemic rock songs and vulnerable, relatable lyrics in their music. The new album, In Love. In Hope. In Peace., features sounds, styles, and lyrics unlike anything they have done in past. Lead singer, Zene Smith, explains the change, "This album is different from our previous albums, but in the best way. We really try never to put out a record that sounds just like the previous one because we like to challenge ourselves as artists... As a result, we've got songs that are vastly different from each other, and I think that's great." The best mindset to approach new styles in music is an open mindset, and this album will reward that perspective. 

What it Sounds Like:
In Love. In Hope. In Peace. frontiers a different style as mentioned. You would struggle to find much Christian-based rock or metal closely resembling it in the last two decades. Electronic hard rock is the name of the game here. Electronic and techno elements are woven into most tracks, while retaining Zene's signature vocal range and the band's instrumental talent. A couple songs retain their modern rock sound, which offers some nice comfortable styles. 

Spiritual Highlights:
Fight The Fade has written songs that reach into the depths of human struggles in life, while retaining hopeful messages throughout. "What's Left" reflects back on the hardships in life that can bring growth, claiming "What's left of me is stronger than what you've ever seen." "Consumed" reassures the listener that it is not gonna be easy. But, the chorus boldly screams "run up to the frontline. No, won't stand down tonight... not without a fight, you can't stop us now." These songs remind me of 2 Corinthians 4:8-10. In the middle of the album, "Heart" brings a beautiful ballad of surrender that is sure to be a fan-favorite with its melody and honesty. Finally, if you're still unsure of the band's beliefs, "The Answer" provides an answer: "There's only one place where I can let go." And, we know from their heart, that place is in Christ. 

Best Song on the Record:
The songs throughout this album span a variety of sounds, styles, and lyrics, which leads to picking a best song on it would ultimately come down to a personal favorite, in my opinion. "The Answer" is an exemplary song that showcases a mix of both their familiar rock sound and some electronic elements. Meanwhile, "Everything Is Fine?" and "Consumed" are totally new experiences for any Fight the Fade fans: a mix of electronic influences and different lyrical styles. 

For Fans Of:
Death Therapy, Starset

Final Word: 
Fight the Fade has created a truly memorable album with In Love. In Hope. In Peace. They may lose fans over the stylistic changes. But, the intentionality and creativity are sure to bring in new fans and solidify the rest of their fans. Fight the Fade is one of the most talented bands in rock, and In Love. In Hope. In Peace. proves this fact. If anyone is searching for music to speak to them in the middle of their struggles, music that offers love, hope, and peace, then this is the album for the heart and ears. 

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