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Loving God and Loving One Another
Posted October 31, 2019
By JasminPatterson_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
The Porter's Gate is a collective of worship artists from various cultural backgrounds and worship styles who have come together to champion conversations and create art that fosters worship, mission and unity in the Church. Their second album, Neighbor Songs, is the result of that ongoing mission and conversation. Among the many vocalists featured on this album are Audrey Assad, Leslie Jordan, Casey J, Josh Garrels, Urban Doxology, Dianna Gameros, Lauren Goans, Zach Bolen, Latifah Alattas and Paul Zach.
What It Sounds Like
The diversity of backgrounds, Christian traditions and worship styles represented amongst the artists of The Porter's Gate is showcased through the diversity of musical styles in each song. On this album, you will experience hints of folk/acoustic ("Blessed Are The Merciful"), Gospel ("Teach Us Your Ways"), piano ballads ("Love Will Never Fail"), vocal arrangements that are reminiscent of liturgical worship styles ("Daughters of Zion") and more. Of particular note, is "The Earth Shall Know" featuring Urban Doxology, Casey J and Leslie Jordan, which has a reggae-inspired feel to it that adds so much charm and joy to an already great song. 

There's something about the arrangements, instrumentation, and mix that makes the album feel beautifully raw and organic, almost like friends gathered together for house worship. The sense of unity amongst believers–especially amongst diverse believers–is also evident in the way the artists sing and collaborate with one another to craft and share these songs.  

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
"Daughters of Zion" is a special song on this album. It expresses a humble, hopeful cry for God's justice and tender mercy toward the hurting and oppressed, and for His victory over wickedness. When will the truth come out? / When will Your justice roll down? / When will Your kingdom come / And evil be undone?

Best Song On The Record
"The Earth Shall Know" wins for best song on the record. It's thematically rich as the lyrics sing about the Church across every nation, tribe, creed and color unifying in worship of Jesus, proclamation of His name to our neighbors and care for one another's needs. It's also musically creative, incorporating elements of pop, soul, reggae and a pretty sweet horn section.

For Fans Of
David Leonard, Audrey Assad, Casey J, Ellie Holcomb

Final Word
Neighbor Songs is easily one of the most lyrically and musically diverse and engaging albums of the year. Born out of conversation, community, and mission, this album offers songs to the Church that highlight aspects of relating to God, one another and the world around us that are not often sung about in Church but are so vital.

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TRENDING NEWS STORIES NRT Books Announces Launch | 'Mixtape Theology' Releasing October 2 |More News

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