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Music Review: A Voice In The Wilderness Vol. 2 Excellent Country Rock From David Vaters
Posted September 21, 2019
By davidvaters,

Huffington Post - A Voice In The Wilderness Vol. 2, from singer-songwriter David Vaters, just dropped. The album features the talents of Tom Hemby, John Hammond, Brian Fullen, Jeff Cox, Gary Lunn, Johnathan Brown, Susie Vaters, K.J. Raney, David Vest and, of course, David Vaters on guitar and vocals. A Voice In The Wilderness Vol. 2 is full of Vaters’ inimitable country rock sound, blending constituents from gospel, folk and blues music into infectious melodies full of splendid rhythms and affecting lyrics. The album contains ten tracks. “Castles In The Sand” begins with a radiant guitar and emergent organ. The groove is solid and potent, driving a country rock melody with a So-Cal flavor. Vaters’ voice exudes a resonant depth that’s stirring. “Forgive” slows things down, delivering a soft folksy melody that ascends to a hefty country rock sensibility. Shimmering guitars drive the melody, providing darkly sparkling accents. An undulating, wailing guitar solo infuses the tune with palpable energy that’s melancholic and optimistic at the same time. “Godly Man” rides a shimmering, translucent intro subsiding to a silky progressive rock feel, especially when the guitars take off, adding bright resonance. An elegant, crisp piano gives the tune a soft residual energy flowing underneath the guitars. “Brothers Of Mine” emanates a measured pop melody. The tune reminds me of Harry Chapin because of its evolving flow and polish. Vaters’ voice takes on the gravity of passion and anticipation, as dulcet strings inject waves of sentiment. It’s a beautiful song. “Prepare” reflects a 1960s surf vibe, radiating muted guitar riffs providing a curious field of suppressed energy. High-pitched guitar accents contrast effectively with the robust percussive elements. “Talking To God” amalgamates pop and gospel elements into a streaming melody riding the piano with the strings projecting a veil of luminosity. There’s earnestness to Vaters’ voice that makes a visceral impact. “Like I’ve Been Born Again” offers a gospel melody set in a So-Cal rock matrix, urgent with resonant dynamism and great drumming. The flow of the melody is delightful, especially in conjunction with Vaters’ lush voice. And the guitar solo is splendid. “Service Of The King” conveys a refined grungy melody amalgamated with country rock and pop essences. Dazzling background vocal harmonies cast hues of light over the melody. “Resurrection Day” delivers a rambling So-Cal soft rock melody, along with a gospel aroma that’s stimulating and gets your foot tapping. I love Vaters’ articulation and inflection on this song; his voice exudes a rousing zest. This might be my favorite song on the album because of its decorative ebullience and energy. The last track on the album is the instrumental version of “Talking To God.” It displays classical orchestration, pop and piano rock elements, all coalescing into a resplendent, beautiful melody. The sizzling cymbals add colorful accents, while the strings provide delicate sonic filaments. David Vaters not only has it going on, but he knows how to serve it up. Scrumptious melodies, along with potent rhythms and marvelous harmonics make A Voice In The Wilderness Vol. 2 a sure-fire winner. In fact, if pressed to choose between Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, I’d have to pick Vol. 2. Both are great, but this one is superb. Don’t miss it.         Source: Huffington Post - Randy radic 

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