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Void by War of Ages
Posted August 29, 2019
By RyanAdams_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
War of Ages' musical influence in the Christian metal scene is both consistent and aggressive. Their lyrics are convicting and encouraging as they expertly draw out Biblical truths out of life's questions and situations. Void is no exception. This is their ninth album and was primarily produced by their guitarist, Jack Daniels at Sicktones Studios, as well as Facedown Records, their long-time label. Void is full of heavy metal goodness without a single ballad.

What It Sounds Like:
Any fans of War of Ages already know what to expect. You'll find gang vocals, sweeping guitar solos, double kick drums, and a couple of spoken word sections in the songs. Oh, and lots of screaming. Yet, amongst the signature War of Ages sound, you hear a great variety of styles. The album keeps your attention the whole time. They do not slow down, in fact, the second half of the album is arguably the heavier half. The lyrics condemn sin, convict listeners and encourage. 

Spiritual Highlights:
War of Ages is by no means shy in their faith-based lyrical writing. "Void," "Miles Apart," "Brotherhood" and "The Return" each have evident support in Scripture, primarily in the books of Genesis, Psalms, Proverbs, and Revelation respectively. Condemnation of sin is a theme as well. In "Greed," you find warnings against a lifestyle of greed as it's called out and also bears a hopeful message. The chorus says, "I will rise and be somebody. Who will rise and meet you there. I know that you are able." "Envy," "Wrath," and "Jezebel" are respectively condemning topics of envy, wrath, and lust. War of Ages is bold in proclaiming that these sinful lifestyles are destructive and need to be avoided. They balance encouragement and condemnation in their lyrics well.

Best Song On The Album:
Showcasing the two main themes of Void, "Wrath" and "Miles Apart" are the top two songs. "Wrath" is the most aggressive and thrashy song on the album, boasting a flurry of guitar riffs, gang vocals to scream the truth aloud, and to top it off, it is the only track without clean vocals. It condemns violence and warns to keep your heart clean. "Miles Apart" on the other hand, is a desperate cry to the Lord to be your Savior and encourages listeners to "find strength through the suffering."

For Fans Of:
Sleeping Giant, Demon Hunter, For Today

Final Word:
Void is eleven songs of well-made, aggressive metal that reserves no room for sugarcoating the truth. They make it clear that sin has no place in our hearts and minds, for it brings destruction and death. They make it clear that Jesus is the only absolute for us. Void will go down as one of War of Ages' best albums and its messages should never return void.

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