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Hope Amidst Chaos
Posted May 25, 2019
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Seventh Day Slumber has long been a staple of Christian rock, quietly riding in the background of the industry while other acts have come and gone. Now they return with their rockiest release in years. 

What It Sounds Like:
Seventh Day Slumber has found success both for their raw hard rock sound as well as a rock-driven worship sound. The styles have often dueled from album to album, with some even splitting the difference between the two. With a rumored worship release forthcoming, Closer to Chaos eschews softer material entirely and goes all in on a full-fledged rockfest. Rousing opener "Alive Again" is an instant SDS classic and should remind listeners of the band's Finally Awake album. Guitar hooks drive standouts such as "Burning an Empire" and "Light It Up." No songs really tone down the guitars enough to be considered legitimate ballads, keeping the octane level high from the first riff to the last. That said, songs like "Still Breathing" offer enough melodic power to balance some of the more aggressive highs. 

Spiritual Highlights:
Seventh Day Slumber has always been among the boldest rock acts around. "The Letter" is a suicide letter exploring the feelings of someone so lost in their pain that they'd consider suicide. "Still Breathing" offers a counterpoint of someone saved through Christ. "Burning an Empire" talks about our selfishness as a nation in throwing Christ out so we can justify our sin. One line that feels relevant amidst certain debates in politics today: "We want to decide who lives and who dies/we let the unborn pay the price/All just murder for hire/so we can fill our desires/and we go on with our own lives." "Drama" also employs a critique of our current societal failings. Yet, there are also proclamations of hope, triumph, and seeing value in ourselves in songs like "Alive Again" and "Your Eyes." For every examination of the cracks of our fallen world, the band also shows the hope of Christ, who mends those wounds. 

For Fans Of:
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Best Song on the Album:
"Alive Again" is probably the most "single-worthy" track, but the consistent quality from start to finish makes it hard to pick a favorite. 

Final Word:
Fans of the edgier side of Seventh Day Slumber have an album they've waited years for with the band's most aggressive full-length effort in years. With relevant themes and a raw guitar rock energy that is increasingly rare in this decade's music, Closer to Chaos may prove one of the choice releases of the year for rock fans.

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