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Todd fulfills a dream and records overseas.
Posted March 29, 2019
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
There is just something about albums being recorded live in Africa. Israel and New Breed recorded their electric Alive in South Africa in 2005 and the energy and anointing were definitely felt through the album and DVD. Now, Todd Dulaney fulfills a dream of his by recording in South Africa and the result is To Africa With Love. He took his team, did some of his most popular songs and here it is.

What It Sounds Like:
Todd is a passionate worship leader who does songs for church worship teams and the church alike. “You’re Doing It All Again” is a new uptempo song with catchy elements that will fit well into setlists. Elements such as “oohs” that are call and response, synth rhythms popular in EDM, driving guitars and lyrics that simply praise to God are present throughout. The album also features a slowed down version of the tag which is a great transition to the slower songs in a praise and worship set list. Of course, he revisits such greats as “The Anthem”, “Free Worshipper” and the super hit, “Your Name Great.” The latter is continuing to make waves in churches across the globe. Todd highlights and gives props to Illia Jackson, someone who has been singing with him longer than any of his other amazing singers. They duet on “King of Glory.”

Spiritual Highlights:
Not to sound corny and cliche, but the whole album is a highlight spiritually. This is what an album dedicated to God should be. The goal is to lead others into God’s presence as this celebration in South Africa did for so many who were at the recording. Todd Dulaney and crew did just that. This is another album that can be added to your time of prayer and/or praise and worship.

Best Song on the Record:
South Africa’s own, Lebohang Kgapola joins him on “Victory Belongs to Jesus” for close to ten minutes of sheer vertical worship! Put this on and get lost in His presence.

For Fans of:
Israel and New Breed, Phil Thompson, Elevation Worship

Final Word:
Although you will not find an album full of new songs, you will find an experience of basically going to one of Todd Dulaney’s concerts/nights of worship. To Africa With Love did not disappoint in that sense.

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