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A Story of Perseverance
Posted March 25, 2019
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
The songs that you hear from Natasha Owens are born from a journey that has held both great joy and great sorrow. With her debut album, I Made It Through, she chronicled the devastating loss of her father, the crippling depression that held her in the aftermath, and the hope she found as Jesus led her to emotional healing through music ministry. Award-winning We Will Rise, a sophomore release that offered soaring encouragement in times of hardship, followed in 2017. With a lot of life behind her since her last release, including a near-death experience during a diagnostic procedure, Natasha is taking her story of overcoming hope and sharing it in her third full-length album, carried by a title that sums up the artist perfectly--Warrior

What it Sounds Like:
Warrior, as suggested by its name, sounds triumphant from the opening notes of "Escape." With upbeat moments that offer melodic encouragement ("Warrior," "Race To Be Run," "Get Behind Me") alongside worshipful tracks that make space for reverent praise ("Fear Less," "Rock Of Our Salvation," "Surrender"), this album covers all the bases on the sonic landscape. 

Spiritual Highlights
Owens touches on a variety of topics with Warrior, from the importance of love in our lives ("Just Love") and the authority we have in Christ over our doubt and anxieties ("Get Behind Me," "Fear Less"), to the faithfulness of Christ when we put our trust in Him ("Surrender," "Rock of Our Salvation"). With the attitude of a triumphant overcomer, songs like "Best Days of My Life" and the title track offer encouragement for listeners in need of spiritual uplifting. 

Best Song on the Album:
With hope and encouragement spilling out of every song, the title track stands tall as the best song on Warrior. Lyrically, the song is both honest and victorious: "I am beat up and bruised, but I see glimpses of glory when I stand with You / I'm a warrior.

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Final Word
Natasha Owens has always been an artist determined to spread a message of hope with her work--Warrior definitely continues that effort successfully. The album offers truths of Scripture wrapped in both fun and worshipful melodies, creating an uplifting listen for fans as Owens continues to make her mark on the CCM community with her story of undying perseverance in the face of difficulty. 

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