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New Stories of Wonders
Posted February 20, 2019
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
After several years as a worship leader with Elevation Worship, London Gatch released her debut singles "Jesus Only You" and "You Never Walk Away," leading into her full-length album, New Stories. London and her husband, Lance, welcomed a new phase of life - she entered into motherhood and moved back home to Charleston, South Carolina - and is now serving at Seacoast Church. "God has taken me on quite a journey over the last decade of leading worship, and one of the many challenges I've faced is being a female worship leader," London explains. "I feel very strongly that God has given me a voice to empower women around the world to dig deeper in their relationship with Him and to find their strength and confidence in Him alone. The perfect love of Jesus drives out our fear and insecurity. We don't need the approval of man. All we need is the love of Jesus."
What it Sounds Like:
New Stories is best described as an intimate personal worship experience with an ethereal tone. If you enjoy Where His Light Was by Kristene DiMarco, Brave New World by Amanda Cook, or Blackout by Steffany Gretzinger, this album is an excellent addition to your praise and worship collection.
Spiritual Highlights:
Since her time with Elevation Worship, London has consistently impressed me with her mature faith and sincere desire to serve Jesus, a sincere desire for the presence of God, and  a longing to see His Kingdom on earth is found in every song. Each of her songs is about proclaiming her dependence on God throughout this incredible worship experience, which stirs my heart, mind, and soul to bow before Jesus, our Savior. The album is designed to be listened to in track order, as you’ll go on a journey with London from the opener “New Stories” with the declaration-“In the presence of our God, anything can happen/Let Your spirit fall, with the power of heaven/When Your kingdom comes, anything can happen/So let it happen here,”  to the closer “Oh What Perfect Love” with the confession By Your Holy Spirit You have called us as Your own/In Your love, we're not alone.” I am moved by the reminder that “I could not save myself but You found me at the cross where You loved me first. Oh, You love me with Your perfect love.” The chorus of “Jesus Only You” was inspired by Psalm 8:1 (NLT): “O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth! Your glory is higher than the heavens.”

Best Song on the Record:
I can’t get enough of “Jesus Only You” which is a sincere offering of praise back to the Lord and an expression of our desire to seek His face, feel His peace, and hear His voice. Jesus loves us so much He came down and took our punishment so that we can be with Him forever. He wants to give us life and never let us go. What a reason to have comfort in our Savior and know that He's by our side. Worship is about giving God our best, offering all of ourselves to Him. All we can do is submit to Him and give everything we have to Him. According to God's Word in Jeremiah 29:13, we need to search for God with all of our heart, and we will find Him. All we need is faith, and God will show us what He has planned for us. He's the author of our lives and knows what's best for us, much better than we do. As I listen to this song, I'm challenged to seek God’s face, lift my eyes to the Lord, and sing: “I lift my hands as high as I can raise them, And I will sing as loud as I can sing, So let my praises be my declaration, I worship You and You alone are King.

For Fans Of:
Elevation Worship, Bethel MusicAmanda CookKristene DiMarcoKim Walker-Smith, Steffany Gretzinger

Final Word:
New Stories is about proclaiming the majesty of God and crying out in awe and wonder for His presence. As “New Stories” proclaims, “Oh come Holy Spirit, You’re setting us free.” God wants to inhabit our praises, and these anthems provide several wonderful ways to “sing a new song to the Lord,” expressing “new stories of wonders.” All of the songs are memorable, personal and worshipful. These moving and reverent recordings are all prayers and personal confessions of submission to God, and they are poignant songs of adoration. Every song is completely anointed, Spirit-led and emotionally captivating. London’s powerful and gorgeous vocals keep me hanging on every word she sings, and she invites listeners into her life by sharing what's on her heart. The standout songs each feature an engaging and emotive musical style while phrasing her prayer-filled songs in a creative and personal way, making it one of my top worship albums of the year.

Buy New Stories on Apple Music or stream it on Spotify.

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