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Planetshakers Christmas
Posted December 22, 2018
By JakeFrederick_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Planetshakers released Christmas, Vol. 2 just in time for the holidays. This is the fourth EP Planetshakers released this year, and an addition to Vol. 1 released last year.  

What It Sounds Like:
Three of our favorite Christmas carols get the "Planetshakers" treatment with upbeat melodies and vast soundscapes. "O Holy Night" is the closest to the original carol, but they have created an atmosphere where you can get lost in the song. We are also introduced to a Christmas worship song "Light of the World," which has the same upbeat and EDM elements you expect from Planetshakers. If you need a Christmas party and a dance party all wrapped into one box, this EP has you covered.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
In addition to the traditional Christmas carols declaring the birth and the holiness of Jesus, "Light of the World" combines the names used in the declaration of Jesus at his birth (Wonderful, Prince of Peace, Mighty God) with his glory as he returns on that unknown day. The song says that from the start, Jesus is the light that is shining bright, and he always will be. Jesus is the light of the world.

Best Song on the Record:
"O Come All Ye Faithful" is my favorite on this EP.  The bass line is super funky and the whole song sounds like a jam session where the whole band is having fun. 

For Fans Of:
Hillsong Young & FreeElevation Youth, Passion

Final Word:
Christmas, Vol. 2 is a great album to help celebrate the season.  The fresh take on the classic carols will keep this EP a part of Christmas collections in the years to come.

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