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Beautifully Haunting
Posted December 15, 2018
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Named after a Lord of the Rings character, Eowyn has been around awhile in the background of the Christian rock scene, offering a gothic/industrial-influenced hard rock sound that is fairly unique among the Christian rock scene. Back with her first new album in years, fans will finally have a new gift to unwrap this holiday season.

What It Sounds Like
Shedding some of the harder-edged rock that defined some of her previous hits, Eowyn leans full into the piano-driven side of her sound with this new release. With piercing, haunting vocals and emotive piano-driven hooks, many of these ballads reach strong and powerful musical heights. While not something to headbang to, the music takes you in and paints a raw picture of vulnerability. I’d love to see some of these songs in the background of a television drama. 

Spiritual Highlights
Ewoyn gives common spiritual themes of rock a unique delivery with a raw and honest approach. Themes of belief and facing the trials of life are given an emotional core. Regaining lost faith drives the quasi-title track while reliance on God is another recurring theme. 

Best Song On The Album

For Fans Of
Evanescence, Plumb, Zahna

Final Word
While rock fans will miss some of the guitar-driven goodness, those willing to embark on this emotional journey of an album will find themselves rewarded. 

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