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A New Beginning
Posted November 10, 2018
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
VERIDIA was one of the most promising new voices in Christian Rock a few years ago, with several hits that captured much radio attention. They were seen by many to be the next big thing. When a full-length album never materialized from their many hits, it seemed possible they had missed their window. But, after several hiccups, the band has finally delivered their debut full-length record.

What It Sounds Like
Those familiar with VERIDIA’s previous EPs may take some time to adjust to the band’s new home in techno pop. While the techno angle was always a major part of their sound, VERIDIA was still framed in an accessible rock package. While those influences still remain to a degree on The Beast You Feed, the band has made a definitive move toward their technical side. Some of the technical choruses sound like something from a mainstream pop powerhouse, and sometimes this works better than others. A few of the vocal effects can be an acquired taste, and keep a few of the numbers from popping quite as much as they could. “Reckless” stands out as a highlight on the disc, bringing a bit of the band’s older rock sound back for a song that could’ve fit on one of their early EPs.

Album closer “I’ll Never Be Ready” is the most familiar sounding, a gentle ballad in the tradition of some of the band’s previous offerings. It’s a brief number, but one that is carried by Deena Jakoub’s powerful vocals as well as a guest appearance by Evanesence vocalist Amy Lee. Those vocals remain (and always were) one of VERIDIA’s strongest assets; they carry emotion and sell whatever it is Jakoub is singing. 

Spiritual Highlights
The songs on this album tread more toward the “positive message” side than anything too blatantly spiritual. The album’s theme (portrayed beautifully on the cover) of choosing which of your inner beasts you will feed carries important spiritual lessons. Elsewhere, there are themes of both challenging us to abandon our darker behaviors along with embracing a positive view of ourselves.

For Fans Of
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Best Song on the Album

Final Word
VERIDIA may have drifted from their techno-rock beginnings toward a more commercial techno-pop, but they still retain the driving heart that makes them one of the premier acts of the current musical landscape. 

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