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A Deep And Peaceful Journey
Posted November 03, 2018
By JohnHisel_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Salt Of The Sound has been releasing music to soothe the soul since their debut album Journeys in 2013. Always deep, reflective, and soothing, husband and wife team Anita and Ben Tatlow are back with a new collection of songs in Beyond Here. This record is more personal than those that preceded it, and Anita and Ben explore themes of pain, grief, and, losss, all mixed in with the hope we have that never fails.
What It Sounds Like:
Those who are familiar with Salt Of The Sound will find a familiar musical landscape, and those that aren't will find an LP that is overflowing with sound and pristine, washy vocals. This is the type of music one puts on to reflect, relax, or simply spend time reflecting on the heart of God. The lyrics are thoughtful and far reaching throughout.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
Beyond Here has lyrical complexity and highlights from beginning to end, but a highlight is For Those Who Wander, which revolves around a telling and powerful statement about God finding us on our darkest days: "Let Your life be found within the shadows/For those who wander will surely reach the sea."

Best Song On The Record:
Lead single Deep Peace is a strong choice for the best song on the album. It mixes well produced organ sounds with synthy drums sounds and claps, while also featuring top notch lyrics. It's a song that the band says follows the album wide theme of finding God in unexpected places, and it certainly takes the listener on a journey.
Final Word:
Beyond Here is a soundscape that has the potential to move you, and an album you can put on repeat, soak in, and trust that peace and the truth of God's promise will be sung over you. It occupies a unique niche in Christian music, and with this album Salt Of The Sound is looking to make more waves than they ever have.
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