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You Won't Forget This Album for the Rest of Your Life
Posted November 01, 2018
By KaitlynBarbour_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know
Matthew Parker's music becomes more creative with each album. Daydreamer, his sixth studio album and third album released with Drom Records, contains a variety of songs that boast many different sounds, instruments, and emotions.

What It Sounds Like
Daydreamer opens boldly with "Alice," which is completely a capella and sung into a vocoder. "Find Ü" features an electric guitar solo and goes heavy on the dubstep, while "Good Memories" and "Paradise" (the latter of which features artist Holly Starr) are fun pop anthems. For the listener looking for a mellow jam, "Legends" is more minimalist in its production value while still containing floating synths and a beat you'll want to move to.

Spiritual Content
"Bittersweet" is all about healing found in Jesus after a breakup, while "Blue Diamonds" follows the story of a celebrity who struggles inwardly and needs Jesus. Most of the other songs are either about relationships or the stress of everyday life.

Best Song on the Record
Although many songs on Daydreamers are incredible, my personal favorite is "Find Ü." From its gorgeous chord progression, to its hypnotic beat, to its passionate lyrics ("I call your name into the grey, I'm gonna find you / So far away, but I'll find a way, I'm gonna find you / If ten thousand days is what it takes, I'm gonna find you"), this song impressed me on all levels.

For Fans Of
Capital Kings, GAWVI, David Thulin, LZ7, Transform, Fresh Life Worship

The Final Word
If you love electronic and/or pop music, the tracks on this incredible album are just what you need in the soundtrack of your life. Matthew Parker is clearly passionate about his art and makes it evident in each one of the songs he writes and produces. I look forward to hearing the musical direction he'll take us in next.

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