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Choose joy.
Posted October 04, 2018
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Following up two successful full-length albums with a string of hit songs including “The Proof of Your Love,” “Fix My Eyes,” “Shoulders,” and “Priceless,” Burn the Ships is for KING & COUNTRY’s much anticipated third album. The album once again demonstrates multi-talented musicianship with creative, insightful lyrics and ear-grabbing melodies.
What it Sounds Like:
The vibe of the album is a highlight with signature musicality and harmony-filled vocals layered throughout every track. After the ambient instrumental opener “Introit” which flows into the song “joy,” the album features a soothing and worshipful alt-rock style resembling the latest offerings by Coldplay, NEEDTOBREATHE and Mat Kearney. This entire project has a Brit-rock tinged worshipful vibe. I’m really engaged by the sincere and soothing vocals and the prayerful lyrics throughout the album.
Spiritual Highlights:
The album features the emotionally powerful track “God Only Knows,” which is one of the highlights. The message is relatable: “God only knows what you’ve been through…God only knows the real you, there’s a kind of love that God only knows. “joy” is easily one of my top FK&C songs, with an upbeat hook and infectious melody. I can’t get enough of the vibe and biblical message of the song, especially the lyrics, “I need the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart to stay.” As a fruit of the Spirit, God wants us to “choose joy.” Another empowering sentiment is “Fight on Fighter, the Spirit is alive inside you!”
Best Song on the Record:
“Amen” grabs my attention. I love the build to the lyrics, “I’m coming alive with You, all the people say, Amen”. “God Only Knows” speaks to me in my most emotional moments of needing to hear God’s truth sung over me. “joy” is the type of song I find myself singing throughout the day; one of my daily prayers is to ask God to indwell my family and I with His spiritual gifts, and “joy” aligns perfectly with that desire that God has put in my heart. Personally, my favorite song is the title track, “Burn the Ships.” I have adopted the anthem as my daily prayer: “Step into a new day, we can rise up from the dust and walk away, we can dance upon a heart ache, so light a match, leave the past, burn the ships, and don’t you look back.” God has made us new creations in Christ, and that sentiment of submission to Him is captured in “Control,” which sings “I can’t do this on my own. I give up control.”
For Fans Of:
NEEDTOBREATHE, Hillsong UNITED, Mat Kearney, Switchfoot

Final Word:
It’s important as believers that others around us see light reflected in our lives - in our words, actions, behaviors, and even our thoughts. That’s what Romans 12:2 and this album are all about, encouraging us to “burn the ships” of our past mistakes that we often align ourselves with. Don’t conform to the patterns of this world. That’s darkness. Our enemy seeks to destroy us with darkness. Instead, “choose joy.” I really enjoy the soothing and ambient musical vibe of this album, and the melodies and lyrics are all catchy and biblical. Musically the album doesn’t conform to the pattern of typical CCM music. Don’t miss out on this gem, because it is one of the top albums of the year.

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