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Some Of The Best Yet From Gateway
Posted September 28, 2018
By JohnHisel_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Not long after the launch of Gateway Church in the year 2000, Gateway Worship began in earnest. They immediately began producing high quality contemporary Praise and Worship music, and a quick YouTube search reads like a who's-who of Christian music, both in recorded music and guest worship leaders. Now releasing their second album headed up by Christian music pioneer Mark HarrisGreater Than, Gateweay Worsip is poised to take their place alongside some of the biggest names in contemporary worship music.
What It Sounds Like:
From the first note of the rousing opener Something Good, it's obvious the bar has been raised. The production is top shelf all the way around, instrumentation is varied and rythmically interesting, and the songs themselves are well written. There are multiple songs by both male and female worship leaders (the album checks in at 14 tracks), and rarely do two songs feel too similar. Also of note is the inclusion of four uptempo songs (Something Good, Faithful, All That I Need, and a great reimagination of Open The Heavens), a rarity for a recent worship record.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
Greater Than is full of worshipful and instrospective lyrics, but the bridge of the Mark Harris led title track is a highlight: "No guilt no shame/no sin no stain/is greater than/the Great I Am/no fear no grave/no other name/is greater than/the Great I Am." Steadfast is also a lyrical and overall highlight, with it's contrasting of desert journeys and faith in God.
Best Song On The Record:
Greater Than is an obvious canidate for best track, with a verse and chorus that set the stage for the church as a whole to sing the above mentioned bridge together- it will likely find it's way to modern worship gatherings soon. Honorable mention goes to How Glorious and the uptempo and catchy Faithful.
Final Word:
With Greater Than, Gateway have crafted an album that belongs in the conversation with the latest offerings from Hillsong, Elevation, or any other big name in praise and worship. The songs are well written and the lyrics are deep in places, while at the same time easily accesible and singable for the church as a whole. Gateway Worship has crafted an LP that is among the best of 2018 when it comes contemporary worship!
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