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Another Collection of Faith-filled Anthems
Posted September 25, 2018
By JasminPatterson_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Elevation Worship, the worship collective from Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC, is known for serving the Church with both declarative songs of praise and poignant songs of adoration and reflection. It's a balance of sounds, themes and worship moments they have learned to deliver well, and their latest project Hallelujah, Here Below is no exception.  

What It Sounds Like
"Won't Stop Now" makes a great energetic opener for the album (and for a worship set) and has a hope-filled, anthemic bridge that is sure to have you and your congregation singing at the top of your lungs. "Echo" featuring Tauren Wells is another song along those same lines. It's joyful message of God's love causing us to break out in praise is perfectly complemented by the high-energy, synth and drum driven musical arrangement. It's a standout on the album for me as the song that would work best in a youth worship setting. "Faithful" is an interesting song sonically that combines the contemporary worship style we know Elevation Worship for with Gospel sensibilities in the arrangements and instrumentation - I could see a choir arrangement working well for this song. All around there are simply some fun melody lines and chord progressions on this album.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
In true Elevation Worship style, every lyric is packed with truths that we are loved by God and free from shame ("Greater Than Your Love"), the victory of Jesus over sin and death ("Then He Rose," "Better Word"), and the hope of God's promises ("God of the Promise"). Every song is a declaration of praise to God, faith in who God is, how He can work in our lives, and faith-filled prayers for Him to do just that. From title track "Hallelujah, Here Below": What a wonderful day to come when every knee bows before Your name / But we will not wait until it does / For here and now shall Your Kingdom reign.

Best Song On The Record
It's a tie between "Echo" and "Then He Rose" for best song on the record. There's something about a celebratory praise song like "Echo" that just connects with people and makes a heart come alive in worship. At the same time, "Then He Rose" is a powerful song about the resurrection of Jesus that would make a great addition to Easter setlists.

For Fans Of
Hillsong Worship, Kari Jobe, The Belonging Co

Final Word
Elevation Worship has delivered an album that is not only impactful spiritually but will also be a ton of fun to play and sing in personal or church worship settings. If you need a soundtrack for your heart's anthem to God, Hallelujah, Here Below is it.

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