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I've Got a Good Feeling, I Got to Tell Somebody
Posted September 13, 2018
By JakeFrederick_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Worship Pastor. Reality TV Star. CCM Artist. These are just a few of Austin French's accomplishments. After coming in second in ABC's Rising Star in 2014, Austin began the journey to pursue his goal of becoming a CCM artist.

After several months of releasing singles, Austin has released his first full-length album, Wide Open. I was able chat with Austin at The Uprising festival in Casper, WY, and you can read the interview here.

What It Sounds Like:

“I’ve got that good feeling, shouting it out cause I can’t contain it, I got to tell somebody.” Austin’s own lyrics share my feelings about this album!

To say that Wide Open is a Southern Rock album is overly simplistic. Throughout this album, Austin's vocals show exactly why he was a finalist on Rising Star. The vocals are clear and crisp and every note is on point, but with a little grit that gives Austin a sound all his own. Mandisa, who invited Austin on stage to perform with her at Uprising, said it this way: "That boy can SANG!"

Songs like "Wide Open," "Good Feeling," and "Born Again" will get you moving with their driving Southern Rock riffs. Austin also invites you to his personal worship sessions with songs like "Why God," "I Need a Hallelujah" and "In America." Austin's wife Joscelyn joins him for a beautiful and melodic worship duet in "Spirit Speak."

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
This album is the product of three years of prayer and writing, and it is evident in the lyrics. In my interview with Austin, he emphasized how he wanted to share the life that happened during those years, and hopes people are inspired by this album. I think he hit the mark and then some.

This album travels through all aspects of life. Songs like "Good Feeling" and "Freedom Hymn" celebrate life and the freedom we have in Christ. The title track, "Wide Open," talks about being obedient to God's will. Austin wrote "Why God" after the Parkland school shooting and you feel the heartbreak through the song, but also that God is in control all the way through. The song "In America" expresses our need for God in our land now more than ever.

Best Song on the Record:
While I've had the whole record on repeat for almost a week now, the song I keep coming back to is "Why God." The message of "I don't understand why these things happen, but I understand why God I need you. It's why God I run to your arms" is very powerful. This song feels like you're witnessing a personal worship session with Austin sitting at a piano and singing his heart's prayer.

For Fans Of:
Matthew West, Carrolton

Final Word:
“I’ve got that good feeling, shouting it out cause I can’t contain it, I got to tell somebody.” Austin’s own lyrics say it all.  While Wide Open will get you moving, the most striking aspect of this album is how authentically Austin shares his life and his heart.  

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