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A Timely Contemporary Pop Offering
Posted September 11, 2018
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Rising from the challenges of a childhood filled with loss, Nathan Sheridan offers a pop debut that draws on the sonic footwork tread by many of his contemporaries, while employing an honest perspective that gives the production a fresh angle.

What's It Sounds Like
Mixing some slightly bluesy toe-tapping pop in the first few tracks with quieter reflective moments and more standard contemporary fare, the songs here never cease to be accessible to fans of modern Christian radio. The varied styles keep the album from becoming stale, and debut single "Loves Like That" is a fine example of Sheridan at his best with a catchy and rousing number.

Spiritual Highlights
The album's primary theme is encouragement, whether it's dealing with struggle ("Minute By Minute") or what it's like to be loved by Christ ("Loves Like That"). But, the album also deals with calls to action ("Starts With You and Me") and rejecting the need to live for the opinion of others ("Don't Get It"). These are all fairly standard CCM themes, but Sheridan's background and emotive voice sell the familiar messages in a fresh, new way. 

For Fans Of
MercyMe, Danny Gokey, Matthew West

Best Song on the Album
"Loves Like That"

Final Word
A living testimony of the healing power of Christ, Nathan Sheridan breathes some life into a common music style craving a new voice.

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