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Chris Tomlin Surprises With a Holy Roar
Posted August 22, 2018
By PhillFeltham_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know: 
Chris Tomlin is a household name. Almost every song that Tomlin touches turns to gold—and the music of choice for worship pastors. Singer Pat Barrett’s "Good, Good Father" became a Sunday morning favorite when Tomlin released his studio rendition of the piece.

Now, Tomlin is set to drop his next album, HOLY ROAR, on October 26. To complement the album, he will release his book, “Holy Roar: 7 Words That Will Change the Way You Worship,” three days before HOLY ROAR’s release on October 23. This is where the anticipation begins to build. But, Tomlin has intensified that anticipation by dropping the Nobody Loves Me Like You - EP, a music trailer of four new songs from his forthcoming album.

As far a reason for the preview, Tomlin says to USA Today: “I am so energized by this new music, I couldn’t wait to share a few songs ahead of the HOLY ROAR album.”

What it Sounds Like: 
Tomlin has opted to return to familiar sounds from previous offerings, particularly his ballads. In fact, three out of five songs on the Nobody Loves Me Like You - EP are ballads. Tomlin also adds the classic "Our God" to the EP's line up.
Spiritual Highlights: 
From start to finish, Tomlin continues his lyrical praise to Jesus in each song. Two examples are the album-title tune, "Nobody Loves Me Like You" where Chris sings “God, You are faithful and true/Nobody loves me like You” and "Satisfied" which says "Let Your glory flood my life/Let Your beauty fill my sight/Come and carry me away/Only then will I be satisfied.” Tomlin uses Psalm 23 as his inspiration in, "Goodness, Love And Mercy:" “Oh Lord, You're my shepherd/You make me lie in fields of green/You lead me by the still waters.”
Best Song on the Record: 
When I listen to a new Tomlin record, I’m always looking for power ballads similar to "I Will Rise" and "Sovereign." The tune "Nobody Loves Me Like You" easily fits the bill. A good song doesn’t let the lyrics do the talking; instead the music amplifies the song’s message, leaving listeners to raise their arms in praise. In other words, it’s a perfect fit for Sunday morning worship.

For Fans Of: 
Matt Maher, Steven Curtis Chapman, Matt Redman
Final Word: 
The Nobody Loves Me Like You - EP is a satiating appetizer before the five-star steak meal, HOLY ROAR. Hopefully the main course doesn’t disappoint, but I believe it will meet the quality that we've come to expect from Chris Tomlin.

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