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Dwell in Worship
Posted August 17, 2018
By JakeFrederick_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
David and Nicole Binion are a husband and wife ministry team, working together for almost 24 years. They have toured the world working alongside a long list of artists, evangelists, and organizations. They have most recently been a part of Covenant Worship, a ministry based out of Covenant Church in Dallas, TX.  They are launching Dwell Church in Fairview, TX, with the first services planned for September 9, 2018.  

What it Sounds Like:
This album brings sounds from many years of experience in leading worship. I heard hints of Israel Houghton, Maranatha Praise, and Michael W. Smith throughout this album. As I listen to this album on repeat, I picture myself in an arena getting ready for a revival. Dwell is an album that will stand the test of time. The lyrics stand firm on eternal truths, and the vocals deliver those lyrics with contagious conviction. 

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
David dedicates one full track to delivering his testimony of the night that was the high watermark of all he has experienced. He declares that there is a move of God unlike any other that is swiftly approaching. He follows this with the song "I Can't Stay Here," where he sings "I can't stay here, asleep to how you're moving" and "You're breathing new life into dry bones."

In "Song of My Heart," Nicole declares "I'll stand on your promise, I will not be moved, Nothing can tear us apart".  

Best Song on the Record:
The best song is a tie between two tracks. "Song of My Heart" reminds me of the worship at Promise Keeper events that my dad took me to as a kid. I can't help but want to jump as I'm singing along. However, I'm also captivated every time "I Can't Stay Here" plays. It stops whatever I'm doing and brings me into a time of worship.

For Fans Of:
Israel Houghton, Maranatha, Michael W. Smith

Final Word:
David and Nicole are entering a new season in their ministry with the launch of Dwell Church. As stated on their vision for worship: "Dwell Church will be a body of worshipers who sustain a culture of worship and revival. Our heart's desire is that Dwell will be a revival center, a place of encounter. A house of presence, healing, and community." That vision is very apparent in this album.

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