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Vulnerability and Powerful Lyrics
Posted August 11, 2018
By JasminPatterson_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Pat Barret is known for his role as primary singer and songwriter of Atlanta-based worship collective, Housefires, and for co-writing the award-winning worship song, "Good, Good Father." Barett releases his full-length solo debut album as the flagship member of Chris Tomlin's imprint label with Capitol Christian Music Group, Bowyer & Bow.

What It Sounds Like
This album does a great job of using the instruments to serve the lyrics and create space for the listener to connect with God in the songs, as well as keeping the raw feel you've come to love from Housefires, even with the production of a studio album. There are several moments where space is left at the end of a song for the listener to linger and reflect on the lyrics and content of the song, and even to fill in some spontaneous songs and prayers as Pat does. ("Better," "My Hallelujah," "Hymn of the Holy Spirit.") These are hands-down the most powerful moments on the album. Some familiar Housefires songs also make an appearance ("The Way (New Horizons)," "Build My Life"). The final track, "Sails," features Bethel Music artists Amanda Cook and Steffany Gretzinger

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
What's most refreshing about this album is how vulnerable and thought-provoking the lyrics are. The songs really do feel like modern sung prayers that remind you of the book of Psalms. A standout lyric from the song "Everything Is Sacred" is, "You don't see the lines we draw between secular and sacred." It perfectly captures the heart cry of the song—the desire to love God and live for Him in every area of life, not just the overtly spiritual ones.

Best Song On The Record
"Into Faith I Go" is my favorite song on the record because Pat's cadence and lyric delivery are intentionally imperfect, making the song feel like he is simply pouring out his heart out to God more so than crafting a song. It's an approach that's different and refreshing.

For Fans Of
Housefires, Chris Tomlin, Passion

Final Word
There is so much to love about Pat Barret's solo debut. True to his style as a worship leader, when Pat opens his heart in prayer and praise to God, it draws you in to connect with God and feel comfortable expressing your heart to Him as well.

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