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Posted August 08, 2018
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
eOne artist, Will McMillan has been a worship leader and musician for quite some time now. He has written for and worked with, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Travis Greene, Jonathan Nelson and William McDowell just to name a few. He, (along with Jor’Dan Armstrong) will be part of Jonathan Nelson’s Make Room tour. Tenth child, Inc. (headed by the hard-working, Faith Anderson) serves as his manager, and he is surrounded and guided by excellence. His EP, My Story, serves as his first official release.

What it Sounds Like:
Will has a voice! It is a voice that does not rely greatly on runs and tricks, but his tone is rich. The sound of the album would have to be described as an easy listening CCM mixed with Gospel and a hint of country. Writing is relatable and easy to latch onto. “You’ll Never Leave” is an honest and thankful psalm of sorts. Will (who sounds a bit like soul artist, P.J. Morton) sings, “You’re so consistent at being consistent at Your ways./And I’m so consistent at being inconsistent each ways” We can all identify with this truth. He gives his own spin to the James Cleveland classic, “Best Thing.” Strings are woven throughout the song as Will soulfully sings over this easily listening ballad. It morphs into a 70’s soulful ballad during the chorus.

Spiritual Highlights:
Lost and Found” has Will admitting he has been somewhat of a Prodigal Son and he is coming “home” into a full relationship with Christ. He simply desires to be closer to God than he was before he left. They go into a traditional Gospel tag when singing “Welcome Home.”

Best Song on the Record:
I would have to pick “See You” as the best song. From the smooth background vocals to the strumming of the guitars to the light percussion, this is one that I just sit back and relax to. Julia McMillan’s voice meshes so well with Will's that you cannot help but want to hear more from the two of them.

For Fans Of:
P.J. Morton and Jonathan McReynolds

Final Word:
Artists like Will McMillan are those who break the mold and do music that is true to their hearts. It is easy to go with a formula for what an artist more marketed in the Gospel genre should like. However, he is his own person with hints of people who influenced his love for music. My Story is an EP sure to make waves and one that many will embrace.

Listen on iTunes and Spotify.

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