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Heartfelt and Fun
Posted August 07, 2018
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Tennessee native and worship leader-turned-pop songstress Caitie Hurst is the newest member of the Centricity Music family, bursting on the scene with debut single "How Could I Be Silent" this year. The chart-climbing song was followed by heartfelt ballad "Answers," showing yet another side of the new artist and leaving fans excited to hear more with her upcoming How Could I Be Silent EP

What it Sounds Like:
One of several incredibly strong pop records we've heard so far this year, the How Could I Be Silent EP will have you moving along with all the infectious beats and bubbly tunes. A well-balanced effort between pop gems ("Nothing To Hide," "Lights," "How Could I Be Silent") and lower energy pieces that dig deeper ("Answers," "Wanderer," "Signs"), Caitie proves that she knows how to tackle both dance jams and worshipful moments extremely well with her silky vocal. 
Spiritual Highlights:
Faith is a strong subject throughout the entire EP, showing up in multiple ways that both challenge and encourage listeners to trust Jesus deeper than ever before. The topic of grace is addressed in vibrant "Nothing To Hide," as well as the hard question of "where is God when it hurts?" that is brought to the forefront on "Answers." 

Best Song on the Record:
With its fun pop vibes and supporting message of freedom in Christ, "Nothing To Hide" is one of the best CCM songs I've heard this year. A track that could easily stay on repeat for quite a while, this one is a must-hear. 

For Fans Of:
The Young Escape, Blanca, Sarah Reeves, Hannah Kerr

Final Word:
Repeatedly on this EP, Caitie Hurst balances heartfelt messages with pop melodies, making it a stellar place to start for the new artist. With a debut project crafted this well from beginning to end, I'm excited to see what comes next.  

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