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Posted July 08, 2018
By JakeFrederick_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Earlier this year, Seattle native Isaac Peabody was introduced as the newest member of Centricity Music. When NRT went live with Peabod, he told us that he started as a folk singer/songwriter and was making hip-hop beats for fun. The transition from folk to hip-hop started when he was encouraged to use those beats to write a song about his roommate Fletcher.

Take a moment to check out 8 fun facts about Peabod.

What It Sounds Like:
Peabod brings his musicality to the front with melodies that belong in the pop and R&B genres. While the songs tell a story, the delivery of the lyrics do not make the songs feel wordy. Each new track gives you a different flavor to keep you engaged throughout the album. Several tracks make me feel like I'm watching a sitcom, whether it's the theme song or a transition between scenes. Between the track and the lyrics, the songs are fun and bring you into a story like you were watching instead of listening.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
It's tough to pick out a highlight from this album since every song tells a different story. On "Summer of Fletcher," Peabod shares about his roommate, Fletcher, and the good influences that friends can have on us. "Ok" reminds us that no matter what happens, everything is going to be Ok. In "A PEAceful Outroduction," Peabod reminds us to be ourselves and that Jesus is the most important thing.

Best Song on the Record:
"Steady" wins the best song on the record for me. The melody is great, and the lyrics tell the value of finding a partner who loves God and makes us better with lyrics like, "You show me just how this grace thing works." The song starts with "What you're going to hear about today is nothing short of a miracle," which is what I think about my spouse marrying me.

For Fans Of:
KJ-52, John Ruben

Final Word:
This album is best listened to with the windows rolled down and the stereo turned up.

Also, I want to meet Fletcher.

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