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Living Up to the Title
Posted June 27, 2018
By NathanLanglois_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Jeremy Johnson is an American pastor who, through his notably eccentric delivery of emotionally driven and Christ-centered sermons, aims to spread the Gospel throughout the world. He is the lead pastor of Fearless LA: A Planetshakers Church, based in Los Angeles, California which has spawned Fearless BND, a worship collective. Legendary is his second musical project, after his debut album Mixtape For War. Much like its predecessor, Legendary follows the same formula of a sermon set to a hip-hop beat.

What It Sounds Like:
By now, many have grown accustomed to seeing motivational speakers such as Eric Thomas cross their news feeds on social media, introducing us with motivational messages to achieve success, set to a pulsing hip-hop beat. Jeremy Johnson’s Legendary delivers a very similar product with a spiritual twist. However, instead of a poetic life-lesson, Johnson applies a passionate speech to the same musical formula.

Spiritual Highlights:
Johnson has made a name for himself through his electric delivery of the Gospel in his church, and this fiery declaration is present to the fullest extent in Legendary. The message of being a legend in the eyes of God is motivational and powerful. The record talks about replacing our old identity with a new identity of being a legend in the eyes of Christ. Aided by Johnson’s heartfelt delivery, this album is truly inspiring.

Best Song on the Record:
It is hard to determine a definitive “best” track on the record, as the album is designed as one whole package rather than a collection of songs. The sermon given keeps a consistent amount of inspirational and spiritual messages throughout, and the hip-hop inspired accompaniment, while never outstanding or musically extravagant, does the job of accentuating the sermon rather well. Tracks 4 and 5, “Knowing the Author” and “I’m the Least”, respectively, are the heart of the sermon and are the high points as far as how relatable and touching the words are.

For Fans Of:
Eric Thomas, Les Brown
Final Word:
Legendary is an emotionally powerful album and is sure to appeal to anyone who needs a motivational message that is spiritually uplifting. Johnson’s energetic message is contagious and is sure to provide a boost to the broken soul.

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