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Posted June 15, 2018
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know
Todd Dulaney has been singing professionally for a while now, but he definitely hit his niche with praise and worship. Leading worship is a well-placed space that God has carved out for him and Todd is sharing it with others. A Worshipper's Heart touched many hearts building momentum for current album Your Great Name. Label, eOne has been making sure that this album gets out so that songs can be sung worldwide.

What It Sounds Like
Fluid "night of worship" is what it sounds like. The syncopated rhythmic arrangements mixed with a CCM feel make "Fall In Love Again" a song that will grab listeners and make it easy to enjoy in a service. "Come Alive" is upbeat and the chorus is easy to catch on. Add this to your set list! "Pour Me Out" flows into the chorus of "We Surrender It All" (featuring songwriter Naomi Raine) which bodes well for those who want to sit and pray, soak in the Spirit or those who just want to give adoration. Todd's giddiness can be felt when introducing Nicole C. Mullen who duets with him on the ballad, "Father Be Pleased." She does not disappoint!  

Spiritual Highlights
Many of the songs are prayers that could be prayed in one's quiet time. In addition, they are songs that are vertical in approach, therefore, the spiritual connection is strong! When you hear lyrics like "Just wanna make You happy" on "Father Be Pleased," there is a certain relatability that resounds. It is not one that is asking someone to work super hard in to please God, but rather more of an "I love God enough that I want my life to be pleasing to Him."

Best Song on the Record
"Pulling Me Through" and "Stand Forever tie for the best song on the record. However, there are so many gems to be found.
For Fans Of:
William McDowell, Shana Wilson-Williams, Travis Greene

Final Word
Add this album to your repertoire and worship leaders should definitely learn at least one or two songs so that it can become part of the culture of their respective churches.
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