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An Excellent New Season For Chris August
Posted June 15, 2018
By JohnHisel_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
The Seasons EP is Chris August's first new music in more than three years (2015's The Maker), and, just as important, his first music without a record label in more than ten years. The new perspective and freedom has Chris writing and recording from a different place, and when asked about the inspiration for his new music, Chris said, "I love the journey and the seasons we go through in life. I felt like this release needed to be called Seasons because of where I am in my career, newly stepping out as an independent artist and excited to get this music out into the world." These words ring true from the first notes of Seasons.

What It Sounds Like
Seasons is somewhat of a departure sonically from most of August's work that's familiar to CCM fans. While most of his previous catalog is guitar-heavy pop/rock, (and it has all been good), this EP is closer to a set of pop songs. However, the somewhat different direction is far from a bad change as Seasons is more musical and intricate than much of popular music, while simultaneously accessible and easy to sing along with. The record showcases August's voice like none of his other albums (excellent, as always), and is full of creative chord changes, unexpected yet smooth rhythms, technical instrumental work from top to bottom, and perfect-but-not-overdone production.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
Lyrically creative as anything Chris has ever recorded, Seasons is full of meaningful lines. In particular, "Worry" is a dive into his previously discussed battle with depression, and brimming with hope that God holds even the serious parts of life in His hands with lines like "It's been a minute/been awhile/since I meant it when I smiled/but You hold tomorrow and You're holding me." Every song on Seasons holds noteworthy lyrics, and the EP as a whole strikes a hopeful, but not over the top tone.

Best Song On The Record
It's tough to pick the best song on what is somewhat of a passion project for Chris August, but "Worry" is perfect fun musically while tackling the topic of depression in an honest and hopeful way, and is as good a choice as any.

For Fans Of
Justin Timberlake

Final Word

These feel like the songs that Chris August has always wanted to sing. With honest lyrics and top notch musicality that really can't be overstated (seriously, listen to it with some good headphones), the Seasons EP is a worthy soundtrack to any summer.

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