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Club Music for Christ
Posted June 14, 2018
By KaitlynBarbour_NRT,

What You Need to Know
Hailing from Colorado, the DJ quartet Transform is committed to creating music for the rave scene that glorifies God. On their latest EP, Wildfire, which consists of the brand new single and three remixes, Transform combines dubstep with revolutionary lyrics as they seek to change the world for Christ one song at a time.

What It Sounds Like
The main single, "Wildfire," is a mixture of heavy EDM, dubstep, and rap. It builds up many times with sick bass drops. The song changes tempo in the bridge during the rap and builds back up to another bass drop to finish. The other versions of this song include an extended play and two different remixes by Kevin Aleksander, both of which contain heavier beats and more synthesizers.

Spiritual Highlights
Transform wrote the lyrics to "Wildfire" with the big picture in mind. They urgently exhort members of the Body of Christ to spread the Gospel to everyone possible, since they feel God is still moving powerfully in the lives of many and will continue to do so: "We hear the ground, we see the sound / We know that You're not done / We want some more, we stomp the floor / We call for revolution / There's no more time to waste." 

For Fans Of:
Capital Kings, FF5, Har Megiddo

The Final Word
Although more and more Christian artists are releasing music as time goes on, few exist that produce high-quality tracks specifically to be played in clubs. Transform is a rare gem in this way, and they are definitely an artist to watch. If you love EDM and dancing to Christian music, Wildfire is definitely the EP for you.

Listen on Spotify and iTunes.

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