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A Voice That Commands an Audience
Posted June 08, 2018
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Teresa Peterson joins a small circle of Catholics in the Christian music industry with her third EP, Faithful. Written during a time when Peterson was learning the meaning of surrender and giving her career to God, Faithful aims to blaze a trail for Catholic musicians with a message accessible across denominational lines. (Editor's Note: This Catholic from Philly takes special pride in another Philly Catholic leaving a national musical footprint.)

What It Sounds Like:
Peterson's brand of worship pop is crisp and well polished. Her voice is strong but carries a slightly raw and intimate current that can help her stand out from some of her contemporaries. A lot of the songs come with musical surprises, such as the violin section of "Where I Should Be" and the climactic finish of "One and Only."

Spiritual Highlights:
Peterson's music is decidedly worshipful. Touching on common topics in the industry, Peterson bears her heart with five songs of surrendering our lives to Christ that should resonate with listeners regardless of their denomination affiliations.

Best Song On The Record:

For Fans Of:
Natalie Grant, Britt Nicole, Love & The Outcome

Final Word:
CCM may have found its next powerhouse female vocalist.

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