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​Evil Is Put in its Place
Posted April 24, 2018
By MattDurlin_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Stryper has been a staple in the Christian metal genre for over three decades. Despite a tumultuous press reaction to the controversial album title (read about its history in our interview here), God Damn Evil does not disappoint for longtime fans and newcomers alike looking for a perfect blend of hard rock and hair metal style.

What it Sounds Like:
God Damn Evil leads with a mysterious pianissimo intro that allows for a crescendo into heavy and driving instruments, anchored by longtime drummer Robert Sweet and recently-added bassist Perry Richardson. This gives way to the familiar vocals of Michael Sweet and sweet licks by Oz Fox on the lead guitar. Fans new to the band will be sure to appreciate the progressively harder vibe of this album compared to the 2015 release Fallen. Longtime fans will be comfortable with the vocal style as Sweet delivers classic Stryper, reminiscent of fellow classic acts like Whiteheart and Petra. 

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
Despite criticism about the album title, Stryper takes a no-holds-barred stance on their faith with this album. The title track explains the choice as an in-your-face rejection of the evil present in the world, echoing that only by the grace of God do the people of earth have salvation. Verse three talks about this grace: "The only saving grace is love / And we know where that lies / It's what we feel unworthy of / So we don't claim the prize / We never claim the prize."

"The Valley" is one of the spiritual highlights. This song is based on Psalm 23:4, a fight song that provides hope for those who are battling a dark season in life with the lyrics "I've spent my life trying to be / A soul of light in the darkest sea / Where with my shield for the final fight / I won't back down; I won't bend or kneel / Yeah, though / I walk through the valley / Of the shadow of death / I fear no evil."

God Damn Evil deserves full attention from the Christian community as a record filled with deep and essential praises to God and a powerful message of hope for the world.

Best Song on the Record:
"Sea of Thieves" is an impressive heavy metal track with one of many slayed solos by guitarist Oz Fox and the deep, meaningful lyrics which define God Damn Evil.

For Fans Of:
Petra, Whiteheart, Aerosmith, Poison

Final Word:
God Damn Evil is a thrill ride of hard-hitting heavy metal that is sure to please longtime Stryper fans as well as a new generation of Christian rockers. 

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