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A Gentle Voice Raising the Stakes
Posted April 03, 2018
By MarcusHathcock_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Ashley Lagunas is a wife, mother and missionary kid from Dallas who has seen the gospel change countless lives. As she has accumulated stories over the years, she has embraced a missionary calling of her own, singing about the life of faith and the tender care of Jesus. With her first EP, Raise the Stakes, she's poised to introduce something fresh to the Christian music conversation.

What it Sounds Like: 
Lagunas presents a calming, acoustic-driven sort of contemporary pop that is fairly simple, arrangement-wise, with acoustic guitar, piano and light drums carrying the songs. But what pushes the song into a realm of its own is Lagunas' indie-friendly, light, airy vocals that could be compared to chart-topper Grace Vanderwaal. See the "For Fans Of" section below to see some other artists in the same musical neighborhood. 

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
The title track, "Raise the Stakes," is an encouragement to put faith into action by taking risks while we have the ability, while similarly themed "Moving Forward" evokes Philippians 3:13. "Lazarus" is a beautiful retelling of Jesus' first resurrection story. "The God Who Sees", "Holding You" and "Baby Moses" focus on the Lord's specific, one size-fits-one provision, attention and destiny.

Best Song on the Record: 
"Baby Moses" ... love the metaphor, and it has this great line: "When your feet greet the sea, when all your past and future meet, raise your hands to the One who made a path for everyone." ​

For Fans Of:
Grace Vanderwaal, Ginny Owens, Regina Spektor, Ellie Holcomb, Sarah Reeves

Final Word:
Ashley Lagunas has given Christian music a unique voice that delivers an earnest, tender message of God's care for His people. The peaceful Raise the Stakes is like talking with a trusted friend, and the music is like nothing else you're hearing in the industry. 

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