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​Shining Pop Tunes
Posted March 19, 2018
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

The siblings in pop trio City of Bright have been creating music together from a young age, which makes the family dynamic in the group all the more special today. Officially beginning their band in 2012 under the name "The Salah & Shekinah Band," City of Bright has opened for artists like Sidewalk Prophets and Jeremy Camp, among other career highlights. The group's latest musical offering, Fearless, is their second studio project and the first new music from City of Bright in nearly three years. 

What it Sounds Like: 
The majority of Fearless' five tracks are comprised of synth pop vibes and fun melodies. Creative beats and EDM fragments mesh with Salah and Shekinah's soaring vocals to complete their sound. Sure to keep listeners both entertained and encouraged, these songs combine the perfect amounts of energy and real-life inspiration. 

Spiritual Highlights: 
Wrapped inside the fun pop melodies are reverent prayers, heard in tracks like the longing "Hope Tonight" and worshipful "You." Each song carries a message backed by Scripture, pointing to the hope we have in Christ. 

Best Song on the Record: 
Title track "Fearless" shines as a highlight on the EP, giving listeners an anthem of bravery and boldness to proclaim. 

For Fans Of: 
LoveCollide, Holly Starr, The Young Escape 

Final Word: 
If you're looking for uplifting pop tunes to brighten your day, look no further. City of Bright has crafted a fun five song EP with Fearless, sure to leave fans encouraged and ready for what's to come from the band in the future. 


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