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Songs of the Father's Compassionate Love
Posted March 14, 2018
By jaysmusikblog, Staff Reviewer

Young, enthusiastic worship leader Cory Asbury began leading at the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) in 2005. His debut album with Forerunner Music released in 2009, titled Let Me See Your Eyes. Featuring his hit "Where I Belong" and other powerful songs (including "Faithful to the End" and "Always Faithful"), his debut established him in the prophetic worship movement as his songs beautifully illustrated the Father's deep love and compassion for His beloved children. Cory has since appeared on several Onething Live albums and various compilations, but after nine years, he returns with another solo project and his Bethel Music debut: Reckless Love.

The soft title track "Reckless Love," destined to be one of the greatest worship hits of the year, opens the album. Already sung in churches around the world, the song describes the Father's love chasing us down until we are found: "There's no shadow You won't light up / mountain You won't climb up coming after m e/ there's no wall You won't kick down / lie You won't tear down coming after me." Cory's flexible vocals perfectly sing this touching message, and he is backed by stellar Bethel Music vocalist Amanda Cook for a phenomenal vocal mix. 

"Water and Dust" follows with a soothing, acoustic feel completed by ethereal effects and gentle harmonies. Cory tenderly echoes the Father's heart to His children: "Gently Your voice like a calming embrace calls me from out of the noise / You whisper to me, 'Child, forget not your dreams' as we lie awake in the dark / just don't lose heart." "You Won't Let Go" follows as almost a sequel, my personal favorite cut off Reckless Love. Based heavily on Psalm 23, this powerful track reminds us that God's love will never abandon us, even through life's deepest, darkest valleys.

Perhaps the most congregational worship track on the album is "Endless," steadily reminding us that God's love for us cannot be measured. "Death Where is Your Sting" follows, a completed version of Cory's earlier hit "He's Alive," made popular by IHOPKC's Laura Hackett Park. The familiar chorus remains the same, powerfully declaring, "Death where is Your sting? Grave, where is Your victory? He's alive/ He's alive / He is risen!" Definitely a perfect Easter worship song, the power of God's resurrection pulsates through every line Cory sings, especially in the bridge: "No weapon formed against us will prosper / The gates of hell won't stand / Your Church will rise from glory to glory / in the name of Jesus!" Cory's resounding vocals and powerful truth combine to make this track another definite highlight off Reckless Love. 

The most upbeat track off the album is "Only Takes a Moment." The hopeful lyrics and dance-provoking rhythm explore the truth that though we are in need of God, "it only takes a moment for You to fix what's broken in me." The contemporary "Garments" contrasts our weak views of ourselves with those of our Father's: "You gave me garments of praise / fullness of joy / unending mercy new every morning." Featuring a co-write by Housefire's Nate Moore, this track contains such a level of joy and thankfulness. 

With a gentle swing and tight harmonies, "Your Love is Strong" invites the listener to bask in God's strong love for us, as does the following "Born Again." Simply heavenly and tranquil, this track describes walking side-by-side with our Father and feeling His warmth; the response is a prayer for Him to take us still closer into His gentle presence. 

With great anticipation of the day we rise to meet Jesus face-to-face, "Endless Alleluia" beautifully completes the Reckless Love album. Stunning strings create a perfect soundtrack that breathtakingly describes multitudes of saints praising Jesus forever. This angelic track is a powerful closing to the album. 

The Bottom Line: Every word and every line Cory Asbury sings in Reckless Love resonates with the warm and gentle love of God. Cory describes our Father as One who is passionate and will stop at nothing to win our hearts. Serene melodies mix with stunning harmonies to bring an album that invites the listener to sit back and simply receive God's unending love. Reckless Love has certainly been worth the wait!

For Fans Of: Matt Gilman, Laura Hackett Park, Onething Live, Amanda Cook, Steffany Gretzinger 

Song to Download Now: 
"You Won't Let Go" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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