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Misfits Masterpiece
Posted February 09, 2018
By BPence,

Into the Night is the long-awaited and strong follow-up to Social Club Misfits 2017 major label debut The Misadventures of Fern and Marty and is their tenth overall project. Marty and Fern have stated that the album is about being a light no matter where you are in life. The diverse, confident and Christ-centered album is well written, performed and produced, as they work with multiple producers and guest artists.   
Below are a few comments about each song:
Nightmare – This song was produced by Daniel Steel and Wit. It is written by            Fern and Marty. The album starts out by Marty indicating that SCM are the Devil's worst nightmare. This album is the moment we’ve been waiting for. They are back in town and they are going into the night to reach Misfits that nobody believes in, fighting for what is right.
Dive - This was the first single released from the album. It is produced by Young Sidechain and Beam and features Beam. It is written by Young Sidechain, Jordan Douglas, Beam, Marty and Fern. Key lyric: I go fishing for the hope
War Cry -  This was the fourth single released in advance of the album’s release. It is produced by Tauren Wells and Tommee Profitt.  It is written by Wells, Profitt, JT Roach, David Frank, Fern and Marty. The song features Wells, and is powerful song about now being the time to rise up and share the Gospel that will sound great on radio.
Into The Night – This song is produced by Wit and Daniel Steele and features Chris Batson. It is written by Batson, Fern and Marty. Baston handles the chorus with Fern and Marty taking the verses. They were doubted, but every year is their year. They are taking it to the max.  
Tuyo – This was the fifth and final song released in advance of the album’s release. The song features Jordin Sparks and Danny Gokey and is written by Sparks, Gokey, Fern and Marty. It has a Latin vibe to it, with much of it sung in Spanish.  Key lyric: Every race, every color, every nation, Come together, there's no more separation. It's time to rise up and make a statement
Happy Accident – This song is produced by Alex Medina and written by              Fern and Marty. The song features a good drum beat throughout. For them, it’s not about making it up to the top, but about making a difference. Key lyric: Why do you think that I’m here. I came for the Man who’s in charge.
Lucky –  This song is produced by John Smythe, Wit and Daniel Steele. It is written by Smythe, Wit, Steel, Fern and Marty. Additional vocals are provided by Ian Everson. The song is not about being lucky, but about working hard. Key lyric: Maybe we got lucky or maybe we chosen.  
Say Goodbye – This song was the second single released from the album. It is produced by Wit and 42 North. It is written by Joel McNeil, John McNeil, B. Reith, Fern and Marty. This song has a slower vibe to it. Key lyric: This is the part where you leave without saying goodbye.
Number One (A Song For You) – This song is produced by Rugah Rahi. It is written by Rahi, Fern and Marty. Rahi opens the song. This song is about making the Lord number one and that’s why they are on top. It features a good drum beat throughout. Key lyric: Game over, yes, over the breaks, over, witness the takeover, and God gets the praise for it.
Sinatra / Ca$h – This song is produced by Al Cres and written by Ben Lopez, Cres, Fern and Marty. This intense song has a good drum beat throughout. Things slow down after the bridge. Ten projects in and they are just starting.
Key lyric: The feeling that I bring through a verse such detail and doctrine, but I tell you myself you need a church and a pastor.
Clear – This song is produced by produced by Young Sidechain, and features Foggieraw, who takes verse three. It is written by Young Sidechain, Foggieraw, Fern and Marty. The song is driven by a good beat throughout. There’s no pride, just honesty. No hate, just truth.  Key lyric: I was chosen it’s not random.
The One Of A Kind One – This song is produced by Daniel Steel and Wit. It is written by John Smythe, Steele, Wit, Fern and Marty. It features some excellent horns throughout. SCM tells their story about being courted by labels and going from underground to sold out crowds. They were told it wouldn’t last with this God thing. To other rappers, they aren’t looking at them, they are looking past them. Key lyric: I feel like I’m in my zone, bringing the best vibes that's Christ alone.
Solo – This song is produced by Israel Steven Mercedes. It features Evan Craft and is written by Rey King, Mercedes, Craft, Fern and Marty. Like “Tuyo”, the song has a Latin beat and sung in both Spanish and English.
Key lyric:
You never left me alone, I could always feel Your heart
Your plan has always been perfect, I just had to play my part
You always wanted to use me, I just had to let You start

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