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A Heartfelt Sunday Set
Posted May 24, 2017
By SarahBassett_NRT, Staff Reviewer

"This soul once torn and beaten / left without reason to move on / Then you reached down and brought me / up from the valley of dry bones." These beginning lyrics do well to set up the album God That Saves
Through the title track, Iron Bell Music conveys in this album the believer's position in Christ. "God That Saves" could easily be incorporated in churches' Sunday morning worship sets across the nation with its simple instrumentation that builds throughout the song. "Your Love is a Fortress" picks up the tempo, declaring fearlessness in Jesus.
"Belong to You" softens, opening tenderly. Iron Bell writer Stephen McWhirter has shared that as he was writing this song, it was like spiritual warfare. "I was putting a stake in the ground and saying no. What God says about me is what defines me, and the enemy can't 'Take what I have / Change who I am. / I belong to You.'"
"My Confidence" is an anthem about Jesus. It starts with synth and acoustic guitar and finds a groove with the drum and banjo. "Fall Away" is keys-driven behind an honest cry inviting God's presence. 
The tempo picks up slightly with "Faithfulness" and "Burn for You." "On and On" has an organ base and highlights the love of God. It ends with a lilting drum. "Son and Daughters" is a waltz sung from the Father's perspective, featuring Joel Gerdis. It continues weaving the thread of identity and God's pursuit of His children. "I sought you, you were lost / You were worth the cost."
"Free in You" is a celebration. A boom-clap drum beat joined by the banjo and fiddle proclaims freedom--think Braveheart in Kentucky. The banjo carries through to the final song and wraps up the evening of worship with "Your Face is Beautiful," a simple response to a complex, loving, worthy Lord. 

The Bottom Line: Iron Bell Music's hope to speak to the believer's identity comes through in a heartfelt collection of songs. 
Song to Download Now
"Belong to You" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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