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An Engaging EP
Posted April 28, 2017
By AmandaDeWilde_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Birthed by North Point Ministries in 2010, North Point Music was created with the goal to unite local worship leaders and songwriters with the purpose of creating soul-lifting worship music for the church. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia and led by famed author and pastor Andy Stanley, North Point Ministries is comprised of six separate church branches, united in their desire to be the voice of Christ for this generation. Out of this passion emerged the music of North Point InsideOut. Featuring the local Atlanta vocal talent of Seth Condrey, Chris Cauley and Brett Stanfill, the five-song EP Nothing Ordinary marks the church-based worship band's third release.

The EP starts out with the anthem "We Are Royals," which proclaims our spiritual heritage as children of the King. The song's chorus declares, "All the rich, all the poor, all the people, all yours. We are daughters, we are sons. More than mortals. We are royals. We are yours." The EP also gets its title from the verse: "This is nothing ordinary, there is power in the Name we carry."

"Death Was Arrested," the first single released from the EP, is a beautiful guitar-driven melody praising the sacrifice of Christ and His victory over death. You may already be familiar with it as a strong presence at Easter services this year.

"Every Beat" begins with an appropriate steady drumbeat and an upbeat for King & Country-esque chant. The vocalists go on to sing about dedicating every beat of their heart to the Lord. Slowing the pace down a bit, "Enough for Me" washes over the listener, filling them with gratitude for their Savior. Upbeat and energetic, "Love Come Down" is a song that would have a congregation clapping and praising with joy. 

The Bottom Line: Somewhat reminiscent to I Am They, North Point InsideOut has an upbeat style and modern worship sound. Their songs are bursting with messages of grace, hope and an overwhelming love and gratefulness to the God who gave His life for us. Nothing Ordinary stands out not just as a great worship album, but also as engaging music in its own right.    

Song to Download Now:
"Death Was Arrested" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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