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A Story Of Unending Hope
Posted March 15, 2017
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

For Cristabelle Braden, Hope Survives isn't just the title of her new album: it's a truth that has kept her going through some of her darkest days. After a traumatic brain injury radically changed her life in 2007, Cristabelle turned to music and began to write songs out of her difficulties. While she wasn't interested in music before the injury, in the first month of her recovery her passion for writing and singing flourished, and it was obvious that the songs pouring out of her needed to be shared with the world.
Now with her latest release, a collection of songs that inspire and encourage people in the hard seasons of life, Cristabelle has set out to tell the story of her journey thus far--a journey summarized by the title Hope Survives. 
Resilient "We're Gonna Make It" opens with the peppy display of bold faith and unfailing hope that listeners will hear much more of throughout the rest of the album. The perfect example of a song that sonically matches its title, "Let The Sun In" is a vibrant reminder that each day is a new chance for redemption. The title track follows, a slower piano-led moment that highlights the inspiring truths Cristabelle has learned on her journey: "Through your darkest night, hope survives." 
Another downtempo piece that Cristabelle's sweet and sincere voice shines on, "More To Me" is a deeply personal look into the fears she struggled with after her injury. A reminder that our bad days don't define us, "One Of Those Days" takes the album back up to an energetic tone. Honestly-written "Fight For Me" encourages listeners that no matter what happens, the Lord is always on our side. Album closer "It's Not Over Yet" is in a similar vein, promising that our story is nowhere near the end: "No matter your journey, God's making a way / it's not over / it feels like it's ending but something's beginning."  
The Bottom Line: The lyrics in the seven songs on Hope Survives are powerful enough on their own, but coupled with Cristabelle's inspirational story of surviving a tragedy and coming out the other side stronger, they become powerful anthems of faith and hope for anyone walking through a difficult situation. Cristabelle's passion to encourage others with her life shines through in every track as her voice beautifully carries melodies that will get stuck in your head while reminding you of Scriptural truth. A musical journey that has the potential to impact many hearts, Hope Survives is an album filled with the promise of redemption.
Song To Download Now:
"Hope Survives" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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