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Awe and Wonder
Posted January 25, 2017
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

From my first listen, I was totally captivated by After All These Years by Brian and Jenn Johnson. They are the founding worship leaders of Bethel Music from Redding, California who have brought worshipers everywhere into God's presence with songs like "One Thing Remains," "Forever," "In Over My Head" and "God I Look to You." This album focuses on the central themes of asking God to inhabit our inner being and truly allow the power of the Holy Spirit to sanctify us, along with relying solely on the love of Jesus to mold our hearts and make us more like Him.

"You're here with the grace of a Savior, with the heart of a Father, and You're all we need" sing the gorgeous opening lyrics of "At the Mention of Your Name," led by Jenn. It is one of the standout songs on this compelling collection. "Only Jesus" led by Brian Johnson features an engaging and soothing musical style. The song includes a refrain for the believer looking for words to express their devotion: "Let my heart want for nothing but You, just You. The riches of this world could never satisfy, let my heart want for only You, Jesus." The song is emotive and poetic prayer of devotion to our Savior.

Believing the words of the song "Gravity" led by Jenn is a great way to work on the disciplines of self-examination and prayer. You can know Jesus personally. Reach out to Him and know with certainty that "perfect love casts out fear." You'll be blessed by this powerful song, which is a stand-out anthem with a convicting declaration: "Your gravity pulls me close to You and I can breathe again / Here with You, there's nothing more to say, it's clear what matters to You."

I can't get enough of the stand-out song "I Won't Forget," led by Brian. His tender, emotive and powerful vocals take listeners on an emotional journey that gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. "Here I Bow" has a gorgeous musical flow and a confessional proclamation: "So here I bow to lift You high, Jesus, be glorified, in all things, and for all my life, I am Yours, forever Yours."

"After All These Years" led by Brian is a great new worship anthem which I hope I'll be singing with fellow believers. I really love how expressive these songs are, allowing listeners to reflect on profound words like "After all these years You've never given up / After all these years, You're constant with Your love / It amazes me, after all You've done / it amazes me, You're still running after us."
The Bottom Line:
These are all stand-out tracks filled with overwhelming biblical truth, and they are companions in my personal prayer and worship time. The theme of trusting God completely weaves through all the songs, a message that all believers need to hear. After All These Years is best described as a worship experience with an ethereal tone, and it's sure to be one of the top worship albums of the year. Brian and Jenn sing songs with an amazing passion, with unashamed praise and gratitude to our Savior.

These moving and reverent recordings are all prayers and personal confessions of submission to God. These are great songs to pray along with these anointed worship leaders and express your own yearnings for holiness and God's presence. I've been impressed by the consistent quality and fresh worshipful songs that come from Bethel Music, and this album is no exception. After All These Years is about proclaiming the majesty of God and crying out in awe and wonder for His Presence, and it's a must-have for your praise and worship collection.

Song to Download Now:
"Only Jesus" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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