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These Are The Days of Celebration
Posted August 18, 2016
By PhillFeltham_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Love & the Outcome, a husband-and-wife duo from Winnipeg, Manitoba comprised of singer/songwriter Jodi King and bassist Chris Rademaker, arrived on the Christian music scene three years ago with their self-titled debut album. The duo carries musical attributes that are different than their CCM modern contemporaries: a pure, upbeat and catchy sound accompanied by King's angelic voice. King's voice reminds me of Leigh Nash, the lead singer of Sixpence None The Richer. 

Personal hardships influenced Love & the Outcome's debut album, but their sophomore effort These Are the Days finds King and Rademaker in a season of celebration. In a video interview, Rademaker and King say they are in a completely different season in their lives, and the album's title is reflective of this fact.

The album's first radio single "The God I Know" is already in the top 10 on the Billboard Christian radio audience chart. Creatively, the song itself is as catchy as the hit singles released from their first album. Even better, "The God I Know" is a sample taste of what you will find on These Are The Days.

The spiritual anthem "Gates" is an album standout: "I'm pressing into you / You are my battle song / I fight a war already won / I will run to the gates." Another standout is the reflective title track: "These are the days / The days we'll never get back / And these days are all we have."

The full quality and harmony of King's voice can be found in "Hear From You," a song of reverence to the Creator of the Universe: "Holy spirit, speak, speak through / I'm waiting until I hear, hear from you... Where do I run when my heart's confused / Where do I turn when my world's unglued."

"Since Chris and I are both huge fans of 80's films like 'The Breakfast Club' and 'Say Anything,' we decided to give this one a throwback feeling," says King, referring to the music video for "The God I Know." The duo's love for the 80s is reflected throughout These Are The Days, particularly in songs such as "Good Life." A brief low point comes in the song "Galaxies," album filler that removes energy from Love & the Outcome's sophomore effort.

The Bottom Line: The sound remains consistent on These Are The Days. Integrating an '80s sound to the album is a nice touch, which continually sets the duo apart from their CCM contemporaries. I can't wait to see what Love & the Outcome release next!

Songs to Download Now: 
"Gates" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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