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Reason to Dance
Posted April 22, 2016
By AmandaDeWilde_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Six months after giving us a small taste of new music in her Hearts Up Ep, V.Rose is back on the scene with some of her best work to date. Describing her musical origins, V.Rose recently told NRT, "I've always been sort of a worshiper, but at the same time I've loved to listen to hip hop music or pop music... I've always wanted to make music that people can dance to." In this full length album, V. stretches her musical wings, offering us a variety of music ranging from rap and R&B to pop and heartfelt worship-- all the while giving us something fun that we can dance to.

The album starts out with "Take A Broken Heart" featuring Derek Minor, a song about giving your brokenness over to God. In this track, V.Rose introduces us to her rap skills, drawing her inspiration from mentors such as Flame and Tripp Lee, who also collaborated on the new album. Flame appears on "Money$ On You," which showcases total faith in God despite doubt from critics. Tripp Lee lends his iconic skills in "I Love You So Much," which is perhaps one of the heaviest rap tracks on Young Dangerous Heart.

"Fairy Tale Ending" transitions into the pop side of the album with a fun and hopeful vibe. "Love Shaped Heart" follows a similar musical pattern, with its own unique message.

In a song relatable to females of all ages, "We're Girls" takes a look into the oftentimes tumultuous emotional world of women, while at the same time encouraging us to love and accept the way God made us. On a slightly different note, "Emotional" admonishes us not to give into our every emotion. In a world of hot-tempers, rants and pointless fights, this is a message that needs to be taken to heart.

V. puts her beautiful vocals to work in "Not Afraid of the Midnight," which is a bit of a love song to Jesus, comparing herself to Cinderella who was loved and sought after though she had nothing to offer her royal suitor. In "Sinking Deep" and "Storms," Vienna explores her worship side with some soul-searching songs about trust in God.

The title track brings us to the "heart" of the album, a fun, bouncy tune with a theme of learning who God wants you to be as you enter each new stage of your life. 

The Bottom Line: Throughout Young Dangerous Heart, V.Rose displays a beautiful blend of innocence and wisdom. She relates well to the young, but her message is ageless. And it's definitely one that people can dance to.

Song to Download Now:
"I Love You So Much" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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