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Soaring Above Adversity
Posted August 19, 2015
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Natasha Owens is no stranger to loss, pain and even depression, which makes it even more powerful when she sings about God's faithfulness through all of life's situations. After the sudden death of her father, Natasha found herself in a place of grief like never before. Only a short time later, she was offered the position of music minister at her church and found that God used the music to bring healing to her broken spirit. That position soon led to recording her first full-length project, which circulated in the music industry and opened some big doors for Natasha's ministry. She's since toured with the likes of Michael W. Smith and Jason Crabb and will appear on TBN's Praise The Lord later this summer.
Her previous album I Made It Through served as restoration and redemption to a difficult chapter in Natasha's life, and now her sophomore release No One But You continues that theme as she praises God for the constant love and peace found in Him alone.
The title track begins the EP with an intriguing sound as she sings out the deeply personal story of her life. Natasha's powerhouse vocals are put on display with "We Will Rise," a song that says there is more to the story than just making it through. "Wings" shows the softer side of Natasha's voice and becomes an anthem of sorts: "it's the fight that makes me strong, put a fire down in my soul / no, I would not change a thing / the same wind that knocked me down gave me wings."
"Move Me" pulls us in to the way Natasha felt after losing her father and how she cried out to God to carry her through this dark time. The song is an encouragement to keep looking up to Christ for strength, no matter what trial we're facing. At a short length of only five tracks, "One Name" ends the album with praise to God for all He is to His children.
Closing Thoughts:
The theme of rising above our circumstances flows constantly through No One But You, breathing hope and inspiration into listeners with every lyric. Natasha's strong and soaring voice carries each song beautifully with conviction behind each word she sings, and produces a promising album. With only five tracks here, we can hope that more music is soon to follow, but one thing is sure: whatever is next from Natasha Owens, it will be something to pay attention to.
Song To Download Now:
"We Will Rise

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