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A Beautiful Story
Posted May 25, 2015
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Former Press Play vocalist Sada K has returned. Four years ago, a devastating knee injury rocked Sada's world. Multiple surgeries, months of physical therapy and even the brutal task of having to learn to walk again became her reality. Through her recovery, Sada K drew closer to God than ever before, and she decided to walk away from her career with Press Play to pursue being a solo artist.

Her first effort on her own, Long Story Short, hits its mark perfectly, telling her beautiful story of joy, heartbreak and the redemption that brought her to this point in her life.
Opening track "Live Love Laugh" serves as a laidback reminder to enjoy life and thank God for everything we're given. "Dance Through The Fire" kicks into an urban pop beat and encourages listeners to keep fighting through whatever they might be battling, much like the incredibly personal "Stand Up" challenges us to rise up in the face of our struggles. Inspirational "Fly" boasts the empowering lyrics "we were created to fly / You love is giving me life / so spread your wings and soar."
Much like you would expect after hearing her story, this album also includes vulnerable songs that came out of her weakest moments. "Take Me Under," a slower ballad, displays Sada's impressive vocal range and soulful sound. Fittingly, one of the strongest tracks to be found here is called "Strength," an encouraging message to wait on the Lord as He makes us stronger through our pain.
Driven by an elegant piano intro and a powerful beat, "Fix Me" speaks of the redemption Sada found in her story. Follow-up "Broken" is a powerful declaration of her faith in the God who keeps her steady through the hardest times. "All About Love" features her former Press Play co-vocalist and solo artist Jonathan Thulin. The song closes out the album on a high note as the two incredible voices mesh together to sing about the power of love.
Closing Thoughts:
Long Story Short certainly proves Sada K to be a successful solo artist in her own right. Showing off a unique urban and soulful vibe in her music, Sada tells her story in a beautiful way with this album. It may have taken a while for her to get here, but it seems to have been well worth the wait. Long Story Short is a record you definitely want to hear.

Song To Download Now:
"Broken" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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