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Fred Has Done It Again
Posted November 25, 2014
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Many people refer to Fred Hammond as simply Fred, because he gives that cool and down-to-earth vibe. He has graced our tape players, CD Players and now smartphones for years now. He still remains relevant and ministers. He's back with I Will Trust.

As I take a listen, I'm thinking, "What is happening, here?" I hear the guitar riffs, the retro 1980s sound, the background vocals of PamKenyon Logan, Lehman Gray, Destiny McGill and more. What's the name of this song? "Try Jesus." 

Of course, Fred Hammond sings and ad-libs in typical "Fred" fashion. The praise and worship keeps driving with "I Believe," and I just sit back and say, "Yep, that's vintage Fred," which is a great feeling. 

Fred Hammond had double knee replacement by a surgeon who was a huge fan of Fred's group Commissioned when he was a kid. As a child, this surgeon (and a friend) even called Fred at two in the morning and Mr. Hammond talked to them. Fred had never met them before, but it was a divine set up. Years later that kid would turn out to be the one who operated on him. 

So even with a great surgeon and a powerful testimony, Fred must have struggled with the thought that he could possibly never walk again. So when you hear the passion in the title song, "I Will Trust," you can imagine him singing it as a prayer of declaration to his fears and to God. This song has actually served as a theme song for people suffering ailments from cancer to depression and many places between. His daughter and newlywed, BreeAnn steps in for some adlibs and harmonies. Will she be releasing an album soon? 

So a reunion of sorts happened when Fred and his ex-musical director, Noel Hall, got back together. They created the majestic and almost theatrical, "It's Only the Comforter." It is a layered song that tells of the promised Holy Spirit that showed up at the Day of Pentecost. The song then fast forwards to the same "Comforter" that serves as just that in the days of peril. The song builds to "Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit / You're welcome here / You're welcome here," and ends too soon. 

So the common temptation when listening to a Fred Hammond album is to look for that signature song like, "No Weapon" or "Celebrate (He Lives)" or "You Are the Living Word" or "Blessed." Basically, we want change in our lives and to continue to progress. Selfishly we do not want or allow our favorite artists to bring fresh new music. When you come with an open mind, you will be able to enjoy a strong time of worship when listening to "Lord Have Your Way"--another signature song!

Closing Thoughts: 
Fred really has done it again! Kudos to Calvin Rogers, Philip Feaster, King Logan and Shaun Martin for lending their production chops to Fred. Fred Hammond has the pen of someone who has endured life's blows, but keeps things in perspective, totally trusting in God. Get on iTunes, Amazon, etc., and buy this album! 

Song to Download Now:
"Lord Have Your Way" (Get it on iTunes here.)


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