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Chad Jones serves to whet the appetite with his new EP
Posted May 12, 2014
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Reflection Music Group (RMG) is a label that nowadays is being mentioned in the same breath as Reach Records, Humble Beast and Collision Records. They boast a roster of artists including Tony Tillman, Canon, Deraj, B. Cooper and of course Derek Minor. Yep, it's basically a "beastly" group of rappers who bring a unique flair, flow, testimony and energy to the label.

Chad Jones helps to keep it moving with a new four-song EP, Keep Up. A more serious Chad Jones will be one of the first things that people recognize when listening. 

Autobiographical in content, Jones tackle some tough and tragic issues on "I Know." He speaks on the fatal car wreck that killed the other driver, but he lived. Then he digs into another personal issue which was how his mother was doing drugs while she was pregnant with him. Groc brings a smooth, hypnotic beat with guitar and synthesizer to accent it. 

"Long Way Home" seemed like a promising song just by the fact that Dirty Rice and Derek Minor co-produce the track. However, it's the catchy chorus by Jayme Pearl that steals the show. Her voice is easy on the ears and it serves as the right complement to Jones' narrative that serves to encourage the listeners. "Hold Up" is the song that you let the sunroof or windows down and ride and nod your head. Derek Minor lends a hand and spits a verse.

"Problem" is the club banger and lone uptempo track on the album. I have an announcement to make! Propaganda is featured on a song with a club feel to it. Of course Jones and Canon deliver nice bars, but could Propaganda pull it off? Yes, he actually does it well. Admittingly, I was a little skeptical, but Prop holds his own. Black Knight fittingly produces this one as a song like this is right up his alley. 

Closing Thoughts:
I am not very fond of a four-song EP (and this has not changed my mind), but Chad Jones brought some nice songs to ride to. I think it is time for him to deliver a full length album, but Keep Up is a nice prelude to what I hope to be the full length album. 

Song to Download Now:
"Hold Up" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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