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Posted October 29, 2013
By czyhorse,

Re-recording your old stuff trend seems to be the rather hip thing to do in the music biz recently. The results are mixed at best. The idea of it is a bit risky for the artist. People love those songs so do you totally re-interpret them and alienate the old fans or do you simply stay faithful to the original and have people go why did they bother. I spent a few months tracking down a copy of Saint's "Warriors of The Son" Re-Recorded. I love's me some Saint and they just don't get much better than they do on the title track "Warriors of The Son". I could not wait to hear that with updated recording techniques. It just had to be awesome. I've listened to it twice. The second time was just to verify what I thought the first time. What a waste. Why even bother. It was not a bold re-interpretation or a technological advancement. Now it's just another part of my collection.

 So I was a little apprehensive when I finally tracked down my copy. It took two weeks after the release date for a local store to get it in. I LOVED the original recordings of these songs. Even if it's not so great I figured that I'd buy a copy just to support my boys. Boy was I blown away when the first song came blaring across the speakers. Just incredible. I was not sure you could improve on the original recordings. I was wrong. Where to start. Everyone on this album has grown as musicians by leaps and bounds. A maturity level that just make this music shine like never before. Roberts drumming is heavier and fuller than before. His work richly fills the empty spaces in the music. Tim's bass work is flawless. He and Robert create a very rich and full rhythm foundation which allows the music to stay exciting and energetic.

 The most amazing transformation is in the guitar work. Holy cow. I mean the guitars are just light years ahead of where they were on the original recordings. There are new leads and solos all over the place. There is just no sonically empty spaces anywhere in these tracks. Never does it sound over done or self serving. Everything works together to make the song as a whole better. Oz Fox where have you been. This is amazing. Take a bow my brother.

 Last but not least are the vocals. There are not words to describe how I feel about Michael's work here. I mean wow! If there was ever a complaint with Michael's  work in the past it was that in some of his upper ranges he sounded a bit feminine and he occasionally spent to much time in that range. No one will ever be able to say that again. Time has work the magic of deepening his voice just a smidge while not shrinking his range one iota. Simply stunning. You sir have been blessed from on high with a remarkable gift.

 The two new tracks are not filler. They ROCK. Everything you love about these guys in an updated and modern sounding package. The lyrics are as poignant and topical as ever. The music just rocks hard, straight, and true. If you don't have this, Get It. Put it in and TURN IT UP.

Crazyhorse 2013

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