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A Singular Jesus Focus
Posted September 23, 2013
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

This entire self-titled debut project by Essential's The Neverclaim produced by Paul Moak and Jason Ingram has captivated my spirit. The album includes standout recordings like the congregational friendly, sing at the top of your lungs anthems "One Truth, One Life" and "Mighty Jesus" and the southern rock tinged vibe of "Revival," "My Soul Longs" and "Burn."

From my first listen, I wanted to tell others about this great new band from the Portland, Oregon area, who immediately reminded me of my favorite band NEEDTOBREATHE. They named their band based on the idea that "We never want to claim God's glory as our own" according to lead singer Jeremiah Carlson.
The opening track, "Revival," has an "outsiders" style worshipful flow and is such an exciting song that stirs my soul to cry out loudly, "we were made for such a time as this, when every knee will bow and tongue confess Jesus Christ for Who He really is, Revival, Revival!" Amen to that! I'm really engaged by Jeremiah's emotional vocals and the sincere, enthusiastic, and biblical lyrics throughout the album.
Lead single "One Truth, One Life" is based on John 14:6 and is layered with an exciting southern rock musical style reminiscent of Rhett Walker Band and Third Day. The song will have you singing along in one listen, "There is only one Way, one Truth, one Life, one Way to the Father, Jesus Christ!"
I find many of the songs like "Pearl of Great Price" and "Steal Their Hearts" have me bowing my heart in worship and crying out to our Savior: "Jesus, Treasure of Life, You are the Pearl of Great Price, Matchless, what could compare to Your sacrifice?" In this musical era of using euphemisms in worship songs, three songs into the album, and I immediately noticed that the Name of our Lord, Jesus, is boldly proclaimed in each of the opening songs. To quote Evan Wickham: "Hallelujah Jesus!"
"Steal Their Hearts" is a wonderful prayer for parents everywhere who want to raise a godly family: "That they would know Your great mercy, and walk in all Your ways…may they sing of sweet salvation and Your amazing grace, ‘cause one day I know I'll have to let them go, Would You steal their hearts? Would You call their names, in a broken world trying to do the same?" I'm drawn to Jeremiah's sincerity, emotive singing and profound, biblical songwriting.
The six-piece's full band musical feel including banjo, and multiple layered guitars is just one of the many attractions to savor about this exciting and upbeat worship album as in the next song, "My Soul Longs" we get to join in the gang vocals, "He's coming back for His bride, Hallelujah!" This is a great song to sing as a body of believers waiting in hopeful anticipation for the Return of our King, Jesus!
"Mighty Jesus" keeps the worshipful flow going with the corporate worship friendly proclamation: "His Presence is more priceless than all things, and at my broken heart He stands knocking at my door, I'll let Him in and sing, Mighty Jesus, Rock of Salvation, when all else is shifting sand, it's on You alone I stand!" Amen.
The stand-out song "Burn" is next and I can't get enough of this song. Jeremiah's emotive vocals and the exciting rock musical bed take you on an emotional journey that gives me goose bumps every time I hear this song. The lyrics are very stirring, "Consumed by the Holy Spirit…our hearts beating as one, come on burn, I want to burn for You."
The album closes with a prayerful, exciting re-write version of the hymn of the faith, "Holy Holy Holy" called "Enthroned on High" featuring Lindsay McCaul. Like the rest of the congregational friendly album with a vertical directed focus to our Triune God, this album humbly submits, "There You are Enthroned on High, Here I am, I lay myself down low, with these hands I'll stretch out to sky, I will bring praise to the Lord God up above."
Closing Thoughts:
The Neverclaim is the most clearly Jesus-focused collection of worship songs I may have ever heard, which is so refreshing in this musical era of ambiguity and euphemisms. If you've been desperately waiting for a fresh filling of The Holy Spirit-led worship that is truly unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then don't miss out on this incredible album, one of the best of the year for sure. If you feel like most of what you sing in church sounds the same, and you want to experience an uplifting soul-stirring and completely worshipful album, look no further than The Neverclaim. My favorite songs are "Revival," "Pearl of Great Price," "Steal Their Hearts," "My Soul Longs," "Mighty Jesus," "Burn" and "One Truth, One Life", which has quickly become one of my favorite worship songs. If you like the rock bands NEEDTOBREATHE, Rhett Walker Band and Third Day, you need to check out The Neverclaim. 
Song to Download Now:
"One Truth, One Life"

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